A Peek at My Studio, a work in progress

Some of you may remember that last spring we moved…again! Why many have asked, especially when we had just had a house built, well we had an opportunity to live on a private airstrip in a home with an airplane hangar! It’s been our retirement dream for many years and we decided to jump on this chance as you can never be sure when they will come along. So we are now living in our retirement home, just early lol.

Creating a studio space along with renovating much of our ‘new’ older home has taken us a lot of time but it’s finally feeling like everything is coming together. My studio is not done but it’s at a good place where I can work and dream about further renovations, like skylights, but nothing ‘needs’ to be done now to make it a good studio space for me. I have about 700 sq feet that includes the art space, a small office and a bathroom. The next thing that’s being done is a custom sliding barn door is being created from an old fence we took down on the property. The wood will be reclaimed and left rustic and I think it will be super cool in the oversized opening that adjoins the space to the living area.

I overcame the urge to totally tidy up before pictures so excuse the mess, but I’m  in the middle of several projects and will clean up when I’m done lol.

The floors were done in reclaimed wood look ceramic tile and I’m  really happy with them.

I recently taught at an art school in Paducah, KY and loved the tables they had. It’s a packing table from Uline and extremely sturdy. I also bought the chair from there. Working at a taller table allows me to stand and work when I want to.

Print making and dry media corner. The barn door will actually slide open on this wall so I’ll have to move the storage around when it goes in. Below my Raskog carts fit perfectly under my new work table.

Large canvas painting area.

Storage cabinets and prep area. I have a line with clips that will go on this wall to hang work, sketches etc. I like to hang current work to help me build off of it.

My little office space. It’s small but I love it and love looking out onto the back patio and yard.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my work space, I know I love looking at other peoples studios!

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  1. Howdy Pam, Love your tidy, new studio space – it’s about the same size as mine! Although mine is 2 miles away from my home in Chicago. Mostly I’m thrilled that you found a home on an airstrip with a hangar. That’s always been a dream of mine, too! Which plane do you folks fly? I still have a jillion hours of lessons to go – started on a little Cessna. Peace, LuLu

  2. love this- !!! I always have to giggle at what you call messy-!! everything looks fabulous! I always adore seeing your art… Xoxox -KIKI

  3. Looks a great space.. tidier than mine! I am about to have a big clear out of things I no longer use in the work I do now, so this was inspiring. Wishing you many happy years of creative joy, and if you ever want a trip to New Zealand…..

  4. Oh wow, what an amazing space you have now; I totally understand why you moved again, albeit earlier than planned. You have to take opportunities when they come along – I’d love such an opportunity but that’s not going to happen in Hampshire, England! Enjoy your time in your new home and new art space 🙂

  5. What a lovely surprise in the receipt of this blog post! My husband and I are also moving and for the right reason: I will also have my own art studio steps from my kitchen door. Thank you for your usual inspiration. The wood-look tile planks for the floor are marvelous and the work desk is interesting. I love that we are blessed with these spaces in which to create. Wishing you hours of enjoyment in your new home and art space.

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