The Pulse of Mixed Media Blog Book Tour

I’m thrilled to be one of the 31 spotlight artists in Seth Apter’s new book! It’s hot off the press and full, FULL, of over a hundred mixed media artists answering many questions about the mixed media community at large. I have asked Seth to answer one of his own questions for us so we can see a bit more of the man behind this book~

So Seth, What is your biggest pet peeve in terms of art?

My pet peeve relates to an issue, sometimes spoken and often unspoken, within the art’s community: negative judgment based on the relative value placed on a person’s chosen media. As an example, artists who take more traditional approaches to art viewing mixed media work as somehow of less value. Or mixed media artists who look down on the scrapbook community. I say let’s dismiss the discrimination and celebrate the fact that people are being creative in any way, shape or form that works for them!
I spend a lot of time in galleries and museums looking at art. One of my biggest pet peeves is when photography is not allowed. For me, part of the viewing experience is being able to take photos to refer to later and to include on my online sites. Somehow the process feels incomplete when I cannot do this.

Here is a peek at my self portrait from the book. No, it doesn’t look like me particularly, but the layers of under journaling are from my heart and allow me to put myself into my work.

I was thrilled to get a quick peek at Seth’s book at CHA in January!

And to meet Seth in person last October at Art Is! If you haven’t visited his blog The Altered Page, you’re in for a treat! I hope you’ll take a moment to stop by and wish him congratulations on his amazing accomplishment.

You can find this book HERE

Well done Seth and many, many congratulations!