Sketchbook Challenge E-Zine

Awhile back I was a guest on the Sketchbook Challenge blog. Most of you that follow me know I love to sketch and do so almost daily. It was something I challenged myself to do in 2008 and I’ve seen my art grow as a direct result from that. I can’t stress enough how important sketching is. It’s like exercising, you know you should but sometimes you find excuses not to. But, when you do, you start to feel better, look better and miss it when you don’t.

When Sue Bleiweiss contacted me a few days ago to review the new E-Zine that came from this challenge I eagerly accepted. I was not disappointed! I knew it would be good, how could it not with names like Sue Bleiweiss, Violette Clark, Jane Davies, Jamie Fingal, Judi Hurwitt, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Lyric Kinard, Jane LaFazio, Kelli Nina Perkins, Carol Sloan, Carla Sonheim, Susan Sorrell, and Diana Trout involved? But what really surprised me was the amount of tutorial information included. Not just on sketching either-there are tutorials on sewing, painting, sketchbook covers, screen printing and even quilting. This E-Zine is easy to read, and packed with info. I highly recommend your checking it out. It can even be printed out for future reference.