Page Du Jour #12

I was looking up the attire for Renaissance Ladies and was totally inspired to do this journal page. I think I’ll be playing with this for a bit. So much texture and pattern. The face was an experiment in that I painted it with my dauber bottles (you can find the link and my recipe for paint on my Video page). I sketched the face and wanted to work quickly so I picked up the dauber bottles and used them to apply and blend the paint.  A face in about 5 minutes! I only used two colors, white and Titan Buff, the shading is where the pencil blended with the paint. I added just a touch of Paynes Gray to give her a true ‘Blue Blood’ look and that was it! It’s always fun to use a different tool to create your art. Even the background and dress were done with the Bingo Daubers.

Do you have your Big Girl Panties on? Try something new today!

Page Du Jour #11

These were done in a Strathmore 9×12 watercolor journal

This page was finished this morning and the one below last night. I love to work on multiple pages at a time so that I can go back and forth between things as time allows and creativity dictates. My journals should carry the warning ‘Pages in Progress’

Page Du Jour #9


This page I actually finished yesterday. Today I haven’t yet done a journal page, but I was creative. I stained the back deck. We’ve been blessed with a string of days reaching the low 70’s and I must take advantage of it to get the last little bits of outside things done. I love staining the deck. It probably sounds weird but it’s such an instant gratification. The would looks dry and blah and with a couple swipes of a brush it looks new again. It makes me feel good to restore the wood and protect it from the upcoming onslaught of winter.