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This week it’s Seth Apter’s turn to use my new stamps and boy did he create a cool piece of art with them!
Seth Apter Stamp Piece


I have to admit I wasn’t surprised that he chose the Column of Dots and Sketched Background stamps but when he used the I Will Soar wings, I was! But look how he made these images his own in this piece. So much a ‘Seth’ piece of art, I just love it!

Sketched Background

Sketched Background


Columns of Dots

Columns of Dots

If you missed the start of this blog hop it’s not too late to join in! HERE is the original post on the Stampington & Co blog.

*STAY TUNED: Every Thursday, a new artist will be posting his/her own project using my new stamp line (on their blog), and I will include the link here! Come back to discover these new projects and learn how to recreate them yourself:

Seth ApterTraci BautistaJen CushmanDina WakleyMary Beth Shaw, and Stampington’s very own Director of Publishing,Christen Olivarez.

Thursday Sept 5thSeth Apter

Thursday Sept 12thJen Cushman

Thursday Sept 19thMary Beth Shaw

Thursday Sept 26thDina Wakley

Thursday Oct 3rdTraci Bautista

Thursday Oct 10thChristen Olivarez

Call to participate: Have you created your own artwork using my new stamp designs? If so, please post your project in a blog post titled “Blog Hop: Mixed-Media with Guest Artist Pam Carriker’s New Stamp Designs” and link back to THIS page to jump aboard the blog hop bandwagon. We can’t wait to see what our creative readers come up with!

New Stamp Line Unveiled!

Like many of you I usually have multiple projects in the works and it’s always exciting to finally see them near completion and get released into the world! I’m thrilled to introduce you to my newest line of stamps from Stampington & Co!



click on the above image to see the complete line

Some of you may recognize these stamps as they are images that I personally had made into stamps for workshop use several years ago. I also have many teaching friends that use them in their workshops as well and now it’s wonderful to be able to offer them to you for your own use.

Many of the images came directly from my journal and sketchbook pages. It’s fun to look through your journals to find marks that you make over and over, or images and words you use often. What I love about these stamps is that they can be layered into your journal pages. Some are for under-journaling and background texture, while others add doodling or word prompts, and still others can create visual focal imagery.


Here are some past journal pages using these stamps.

DSC01664 DSC01663 DSC01662 DSC01661 DSC01660 DSC01659

Be sure to open Post Script onTuesday, May 28, for the exclusive opportunity to pre-order these stamps at 10% off!


Art Journaling at the Speed of Life

Hello Art Friends,
This is the latest newsletter, that I had a few issues with getting out. I’m reposting it on

my blog because a couple of people were having issues opening it via email and some may

have thought it was accidentally double posted when they received two newsletters in one

day. I don’t spam with my newsletters, they arrive about once per quarter and if you are

interested in signing up there is a link in the sidebar.

Well do to an unfortunate mishap you just received the Fall newsletter that was saved as
a draft instead of the new one that I worked all morning on! (Insert frustration here) I’m
so sorry for that!

Now to begin the first newsletter of 2013…again.

We have all welcomed the arrival of 2013 in a variety of ways. I see many people choosing
a word to guide them in the new year, others making resolutions and still others writing
down their goals.

I welcome the New Year by re-visiting the goals from the past year and then setting goals
for the new one all in the safety of my art journal.

As I look over the goals of last year I’m encouraged to see most of them come to fruition!
I also see those that did not, and I can re-evaluate whether they make this years list or it’s
time to let themgo. I also leave room when I start these journal pages so I can add to them
as the year goes along.

One of my goals for last year was to explore the possibility of doing a column for a magazine.
While finishing up my next book (due out Fall of 2013!!) I kept thinking about where I
wanted to go with the writing aspect of my career. I never set out to be a ‘writer’, that came
along as a by-product of my art, but I’ve found that I love it as well and really wanted to go
a bit further with it than articles and books. I want to reach out in a way that is real and
consistent- with information that will both inspire and encourage others on their own
art journey, and art journaling is honestly the single most helpful tool we can embrace
as artists.

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that my column, Art Journaling at the Speed of Life,
will debut in the April issue of Somerset Art Journaling!!!

This is something I’ve dreamed about, written down as a goal, and laid a path of hard work
to achieve. For most of us, things don’t just get handed over on a silver platter, we have to
plan for them and work towards them. If you ask you ask any artist who has achieved
something how they did it, I guarantee  that ‘a lot of hard work’ will be part of their answer.
It’s a journey, the successes we have are stepping stones on the path to something more.
You won’t ‘get there’ by just dreamingand wishing, it takes a bit of guts to put yourself
‘out there’ and hard work to establish the means to make dreams a reality.

So I hope you’ll join me and begin your journey into 2013 with some time spent dreaming,
planning and setting your goals for this year. Write them down, revisit them often, revise
them as necessary, and work towards them with diligence.

2013 is just waiting to be written on by you!

PS. I’m sorry that the text is a bit wonky in this post, it doesn’t show up that way when I go

to edit it, so the cut and paste is as it is;-)

Art Journaling Inspiration

I was invited to be a guest blogger for Stampington & Co this week and asked to do a project featuring my Poetic Portrait stamps

Poetic Portrait Stamp Line available HERE

My mind went immediately to Art Jourmaling as I’d been itching to play in an unfettered way with my new stamps ever since they’d arrived. So I quickly made a 10 Minute Journal using the instructions from my book Art at the Speed of Life and set out to play!

To see the pages that will hopefully jumpstart your own journaling, head over to the blog at Stampington & Co for a peek.
On Thursday there will be a follow up post with a little tutorial on how I made these pages~

Press Release!

Pam Carriker Transforms Lino Cuts Into New Poetic Portraits Stamp Line
Mixed-media artist invites lovers of handmade to make their mark with her debut collection

Laguna Hills, CA, June 26, 2012— Long before she was an established artist and best-selling author, Pam Carriker was an avid rubber stamper. Next month, Carriker will reap the fruits of her creative labor with the launch of her highly anticipated debut stamp line, Poetic Portraits. Featuring distinctive portraits reminiscent of a Shakespearean cast of characters, this collection of cling mount stamps is a reflection of Carriker’s own hand drawings and carved images originally featured in Somerset Studio magazine.

“I love to use and reuse my art in many different forms to watch it develop and morph into new artwork, so I create tools from it, some in the form of lino cuts, that allow me to continue exploring my art in new ways,” said Carriker. While the process of gathering ideas from years of artwork and turning them into carvable designs was a long one, Carriker is pleased with the cohesive, user-friendly collection. “I really wanted to have a line of stamps that can be manipulated with different media so artists using them can do more than just stamp the image. These images are perfect for sandwiching in between layers of other media that can totally transform them into new artwork!”

“Rubber stamping was one of the very first things I was really involved in as a creative hobby, and producing this stamp line feels like I’ve come full circle in many ways,” said Carriker. “My love of stamps has never diminished, and I look forward to helping push traditional stamping into a more mixed-media/artistic approach.”

The Poetic Portraits cling mount collection is made in the USA and will be ready to ship on July 9th. The retail price for the images is $9.95 each, and they can be purchased through select art and crafting retailers and directly from Stampington & Company at or by calling 1-877-STAMPER. To learn more about Pam Carriker, visit  For more information about this release, including print-ready images, visit