Put Your Finger on The Pulse of Mixed Media

I’m so excited for my friend Seth Apter on the launch of his brand new book, The Pulse of Mixed Media! Today is the first day of a month long 31 Artists 31 Days book blog tour, highlighting the 31 spotlight artists who contributed to his book. I’m thrilled to be one of them and will be posting later on this month about it.

Please stop by his blog and wish him well on this amazing achievement and see what he has lining up for this month!

The Kick Off starts HERE

Check Your Pulse

I’m a huge fan of Seth Apter’s work and thrilled to be participating in some of his new adventures, namely his first book and to help pass the time until it’s release his next edition of The Pulse! There will be posts on Saturday 7/2, Sunday 7/3 and Monday 7/4 to kick off the project. After that, posts will go up every Sunday so I hope you’ll join in on this interesting and fun publication! Check out the details HERE.


Day 3-Book Blog Tour

Today’s stop on the Blog Tour is Seth Apter’s Altered Page. Seth added a much-needed male element to the book. His work is strong, textural, carries impact. I have not yet had the good fortune to meet Seth in person, but believe me the next time I’m in NYC it will top my list of things to do!

The thing that was most enjoyable about working with Seth was the constant moral support he offers. He is a sensitive soul that is tuned in and a complete joy to work with! There were some crazy busy days along this journey and an email from Seth always brought a smile to my face at his continued kindness.

Seth is bringing back the Book Guild on his blog and I’m happy to be taking part in that today, stop by and see his amazing work and keep your eyes peeled for his new book, The Artist’s Pulse.

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