Last Chance

Well almost last chance! My last workshops for 2011 are coming up in October at Art Is East Coast! If you are interested in creating some awesome journal pages like these

Creating Color Book Journal

Reinventing old work to create new pages in your Art Journal

Reusing your own artwork in your journal pages helps you get the most out of the time you put into creating art. By making copies of previous journal pages and other art you’ve created, you continually have a great stash of collage fodder right at your fingertips! You are able to revisit your art in a totally new way and create pages that are uniquely your own. We will use black and white copies of work and other black and white journal fodder to create a color book style page that we will build on with paint, pens and water soluble crayon, completely reinventing the original work.

Class Kit-$10-payable directly to instructor at beginning of class

  • Strathmore 140lb Cold Press Visual Journal
  • Copies of some of my own journal pages
  • Special collection of journal fodder you won’t be able to get anywhere else!
  • All paints, mediums and other workshop materials are provided
Students Should Bring:
  • Paint brushes, assorted
  • Water container
  • Palette of some sort (can be a paper plate)
  • Black and white copies of your own artwork
  • Black marker (permanent)
  • Graphite pencil

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or painting portraits

Behind the Face

We will create a mixed media background using a variety of techniques, developing a perfect 8×10 backdrop to add a mixed media portrait to. I will deconstruct the drawing of a face to make it doable by everyone. Behind the face we will explore ourselves, through journaling. Our ‘thoughts’ will then be covered up by the face we create as we work on a self portrait of sorts that anyone can do. I provide full support for all skill levels in this class, offering a variety of ways to add a face within your comfort zone.

Class Kit-$10-payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:

  • 8×10 hardboard premium artist panel
  • Collage fodder you won’t find anywhere else
  • Charcoal pencil
  • Blending Stump
  • My favorite white gel pen
  • Sequin waste
  • Wooden stick tool

Students Should Bring:

  • Water container
  • Palette
  • 2” chip brush (or other cheap wide brush)
  • Paint Brushes, assorted

All other paints, mediums and materials supplied by the instructor

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Now is the time to reserve your space at Danbury CT!

I also just learned that Americana Tuscana has extended the early enrollment discount of US$100.00 until September 30, 2011!! So if you want to join me in Italy now is the time to sign up and save some $$$!

Cortona Italy 2012

Cortona Italy

March 31-April 7, 2012

Liquid Sketching with Pam Carriker


Derivan Liquid Pencils are a relatively new medium that takes sketching to a whole new place! With different tints in both permanent and rewettable formulas, they offer a wide range of creativity and allow you to ‘sketch’ without picking up a pencil! I’ve been working with the creators of Liquid Pencil and am excited to have a line of new products coming out that make this new medium especially user friendly to Art Journalers. If you love the look of sketching but are unsure of your drawing skills, this class will give you exactly what you need to begin sketching in a journal made with hot press watercolor paper. For the more advanced student the sky’s the limit when you add this to what you already do and I will show you the many different techniques possible with this innovative product! I will be bringing my very own Portrait Sketch Stamps to use in class as well so there is nothing to fear if you don’t have much experience with portraits-you can literally stamp a sketch! As we gather memorabilia from our day trips, we will add them to the covers of our journals to finish off an artistic keepsake that will bring back the once in a lifetime memories of our time in Italy.



Paint brushes-watercolor type

Watercolor brush with a refillable water reservoir

Small set (field type for outside/travel type use) of watercolor paints

Bone folder tool ( for scoring and burnishing)

All other supplies will be supplied by the instructor

Saturday  – Arrival in Cortona

-7:00p Welcome to Cortona wine and chocolate tasting at La Saletta.

-8:00p Evening dinner in Cortona at La Locanda nel Loggiato

Sunday  – Cortona

-9:00a-12:00p Morning Session

Class kits will be handed out including a signed copy of my book, ‘Art at the Speed of Life’

We will spend the morning session constructing our sketch journals using a binding method from my book, with a twist-we’ll add a pocket or two to the book for the memorabilia we’ll no doubt pick up on our outings. I will introduce my line of Sketch Ink from Derivan Liquid Pencil and we will begin to explore its properties and the tools we will use to apply it. No pencils here! Derivan Liquid Pencil is actual graphite in a paint-like form. My line of Sketch Ink products provides a user-friendly way to apply this medium in a more liquid form. Using both Permanent and re-wettable formulas, we will smudge, erase, lift off, burnish it and more.

-1:00p Lunch

-3:00-6:00p Afternoon Session

Now that everyone has had a chance to play with the Sketch Ink, we will begin our first journal pages, discussing our views on what Art Journaling means to us and how we each find ways or hope to find ways, to incorporate it into our daily lives. This will become the foundation for our pages as we layer various fluid media.

-7:30p Wine tasting

-8:00p Evening dinner

Monday  – Cortona

-9:00-12:00p Morning Session

Time to venture outside for inspiration! Taking our journals, Sketching Ink and Brushes, we will begin quick sketching without pencils as we capture the sights and sounds around us.

-1:00p Lunch

-3:00-6:00p Afternoon Session

The afternoon will be spent in the studio or on the grounds, completing our quick sketches and turning them into journal pages.

-7:30p Wine tasting Il Pozzo

-8:00p Evening dinner

Tuesday  – Florence

-Day trip to Florence with lunch provided

As we journey to Florence, we will gather memorabilia along the way, stowing it into the pockets in our journals. Quick Liquid Sketches will capture the beauty around us.

-7:30p Wine tasting

-8:00p Evening dinner

Wednesday  – Cortona

-9:00-12:00p Morning Session

Time to find a quiet spot to turn yesterdays sketches into journal pages filled with words, color, and texture.

-1:00 Lunch

-3:00-5:30p Afternoon Session

We will now gesso the front and back cover of our journals turning them into leather like covers and then add our  memorabilia in true mixed media collage form to create amazing covers for our journals.

-6:00p Tuscan cooking class & dinner

Thursday  –  Cortona
-Morning visit to outdoor market in Camucia
Fruit, vegetables, people, there will be no end of inspiration and a Quick Liquid Sketch can capture the moment so we can return to it later.

-1:00 Lunch

-3:00-6:00p Afternoon Session

Depending on how many pages you’ve already completed, it may be time to create a second journal. We will stroll outside and find lovely spots to capture the beauty around us and enjoy returning to the moments captured from the mornings outing.

-7:30p Wine Tasting

-8:00p Evening dinner

Friday  – Cortona

-9:00-12:00p Morning Session

Adding portraits to our journals will be the finishing touch. I will provide a number of ways to accomplish this that will suite the varied degrees of experience. Even if you’ve never drawn a face before, I’ll show you how to use my Portrait Sketch Stamps to create a one of a kind face. These were designed to work with the Sketch Ink and you will be amazed at how you can personalize the stamped image to make it truly your own.

-1:00p Lunch TBA

-3:00-6:00p Afternoon Session

Now is the time to share our journals within our small group. We are all friends now, having shared this once in a lifetime experience and as we talk about our art, finish up our pages, exchange email addresses and take pictures, we will know we’ve bonded in a special way through our journals and our art.

-7:30p Farewell Wine Tasting Dinner

Saturday – Departure

-Morning Check-out and departure from Cortona.


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Whether we want to be or not, we are all on a journey. Everyone’s journey is different, but as we travel our own we come into contact with many others who may be on a similar path as our own.

As artists we come into contact with other creative people and this enriches all, both the students and the instructors. One of my first live teaching venues was at the Escondido Municiple Art Gallery in Escondido, CA. I was invited to teach by Lisa Bebi and honored to have both her and Renee Richetts in my class. We struck up one of those instant friendships that comes from being of a creative bent and sharing a love of art.

We three went on to dream about teaching a small group workshop together in Paris and as most of you know that dream became reality this past December.

Teaching in a small group setting allows for friendships to form and one on one learning to happen. We three love this type of atmosphere so much that we decided right after Paris to do offer the same type of experience here in the states!

Experience: 3-days of small group art instruction and attention to your learning experience with Lisa Bebi, Pam Carriker and Renée Richetts. You will join us in a relaxing, specious environment near beautiful Lake Hodges, California.

Each day consists of a morning and an afternoon session, divided by a lunch break (lunch is provided). Lisa, Pam and Renée attend all sessions to assure you personal attention and time with each of us. The workshop series’ enrollment is intentionally low, with no more than one instructor for every 3 attendees.

General description of session techniques/content:

  • Lisa Bebi’s unique “paint-over” method with acrylics and other media
  • Pam Carriker’s Busting Out 3-D Portrait
  • Renee Richetts’ signature mixed-media hinged metal books
  • Paper-making using cold-water (one of the most eco-friendly ways to make paper)
  • Art journaling—and you will learn to make the journal itself!

California Registered Nurses: portions of this series have been approved for CEUs by the California BRN. For BRN course description and requirements, please contact Renée Richetts, RN at .

Date and time: June 27, 28 29, 2011 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Lunch included

Location: North San Diego County in Southern California, overlooking Lake Hodges and the San Diego “back country”.

  • 30 minutes from The San Diego International Airport
  • Walk to Lake Hodges from the workshop location
  • 15 minutes from Queen Califia’s Magical Circle sculpture garden by Niki De Saint Phalle, The San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park, Museums, art galleries and wineries

Themes: Personal growth through your art? Healing? Expanding your art career? Making eco-friendly art? You will decide.

We will contact you two weeks prior to the series for your input about the themes you would like to focus on during your time with us.
Pricing and registration:

$595- Workshop series includes 3 lunches, materials and tools. There are no material fees.

  • $200 registration fee reserves your workshop series space. You may register by check drawn on a U.S. bank or by Pay Pal. The remaining $395 is due on or before June 27th.

Need housing as well? $1195/person double occupancy ($1420 single occupancy)-Workshop series, materials, tools 3 lunches, 5 hot buffet-style breakfasts, PLUS 5 nights lodging at the nearby Holiday Inn Express. Summer is high-season in San Diego. We have reserved a limited number of rooms at the current low-season rate. Let us know when you register for the workshop series, if you will also want one of these rooms.


Before June 13th receive a full refund, minus any Pay Pal fees, if applicable.

No refund for cancelations after June 13th unless we are able to fill your vacated spot.

Cancellation by instructors: full refund, including Pay Pal fees

What I’m teaching:

Pursuing Portraits with Pam Carriker: Busting Out

In Visual Art a portrait can be many things from a painting, to a photograph, to a sculpture or any other form of art in which the face is the face is the main theme or focal point. The goal of creating a self portrait is to showcase the unique characteristics of the subject: You.

Creating self portraits is a way of discovering yourself and what makes you the miracle you are. Incorporating meaningful collage and  journaling onto a bust that represents you, allows you to capture who you are at this moment of your life and the things that lead you to this point.
We will create these Self Portrait Busts using a variety of mixed media techniques, including sculpting with plaster strips, painting, collage, and journaling. Bring meaningful scraps of ephemera (paper bits from everyday life) and I will provide additional collage material and everything else.

This bust is large (human head sized) so plan to carry it on the plane if you’re traveling by air. I will provide a bag for this.

And on June 25th, 2011 I’ll also be teaching a one day workshop at the

Escondido Art Gallery-Escondido, CA

Renaissance Women

Instructor: Pam Carriker

A Renaissance Woman is a woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.  She sets her own agenda, controls her destiny, and knows the sky’s the limit when it comes to her personal achievement! Join me as we create amazing journal pages reminiscent of the Renaissance Era and discover our own personal mantra for success. Rich texture, vibrant colors and meaningful symbolism will be used to create these masterpieces. I will also teach you my easy Dauber Bottle method for painting faces without fear!

for more information and to register:

I hope some of you will be able to join me on one or both of these journeys~

Page Du Jour #17

Well if I do a self portrait inspired by him, I must then honor him in a journal page right? You can go here to see some of his amazing work. When you think of the era he was alive and to paint like this-it’s truly amazing. Be inspired. Create art.

Page Du Jour #16

A Renaissance Woman is a woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences. She sets her own agenda, controls her destiny, and knows the sky’s the limit when it comes to her personal achievement!

I’ve been having so much fun with these ‘Renaissance Women’ and several have asked if I’d be teaching this in a workshop-well I’m happy to announce that I’ll be teaching them live at Art and Soul VA April 2011! I’ll be teaching two workshops, ‘Renaissance Women’  and ‘Arcimboldo Style Self Portrait’

Taking inspiration from the Italian painter, Giuseppe Arcimboldo whose portraits consisted of creating the entire head with objects like fruits, vegetables, fish and other objects, we will create a self portrait that echos who we truly are and the road we’ve traveled to get there. Learn techniques for creative collage and portrait painting to create a one of a kind self portrait that is like no other.

I will be teaching this concept as a journaling project in Journal 365, but we will explore it even further in the live workshop creating on a hard surface, using different mediums and techniques to create it as a masterpiece worthy of hanging on your wall.

I’m excited to see my teaching schedule coming together for 2011 and still waiting for information on a couple of other venues so I’ll update it as that comes in, but you can see what’s on the books now on my ‘Teaching’ page. It would be so awesome to meet some of you in real life at one of these events!

Paris Hi-Lights

Get three of us for three days and 3 unforgettable french lunches- 3, 3 for 3 for $450!  a bargain!!!  And  we will walk you around town and show you cool stuff on our days off.  You don’t need to speak french we have 2 American translators on site. (Renee and Lisa’s husband)  and 2 gourmet cooks ( Renee and Lisa’s husband).

Studio where we will be working

Here is a corner of our studio apartment in mid sacred heart district, paris!
many of us are bringing our high school aged children since it will be during their winter break.  bring yours – they will LOVE you forever for it. we will show them how to get around by themselves in paris in a group.
for inquiries please email
Last time Lisa and Renee had their workshop in Paris, beginners in their class were able to display their art in an exhibit.  and also many of them got their art published for the very first time in Somerset Studio magazine!
Lisa Bebi will teach her incredible Paint Over method, and you will be able to take home your fabulous creations, inspired by Paris!
Renee Richetts is  our metal artist plus whimsy .  She will teach us to use tin cans and other found ad fun objects we collect inPparis and incorporate them into a metal book that is actually hinged.  Many of her students from the last Paris workshop got their work exhibited as book art!

I will be teaching Conte Crayon Journaling and Conte Crayon Painting. Here is a picture of the kit you will receive. All supplies are included on this journey so no need to worry about packing your own, just leave some extra space to take your goodies home with you!


7 1/2 x 10 Moleskine Sketchbook

Matchbox set of Conte Crayons

My favorite Woodless Graphite Pencil

Blending Stump


Journal Fodder in the form of pilot route maps

Business Card size Pursuing Portraits Face Map

2-5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Paris Clown Postcards (one to send and one to keep)

1- 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Portrait Postcard

1- 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 Portrait Postcard

Session One

~Intro to Conte Crayon


~Learn Blend/Erase method

Session Two

~Learn Face Facts

~Make your own ‘Face Map’

Session Three

~Create portraits using ‘Sketch Blending’ method

Session Four

~Prepare substrate for canvas portrait

~Continue Pursuing Portraits using Photo Sketches

Session Five

~Conte Crayon Transfer to substrate

~Use gathered Parisian ephemera to create background

Session Six

~Mixed Media Portrait Painting with Conte Crayon, mediums, and acrylics