Facing Circles

Hi Everyone,

Cannot believe summer is flying by like it is! So much going on and trying to enjoy the hot but lovely weather as well!

I have a new post on how I did this journal page on The Sketchbook Challenge blog today, hope you’ll stop by and take a peak. This months theme is circles.

Tomorrow is the official release of my new line of Art Stamps, Poetic Portraits (available through Stampington & Co) and those of you who’ve pre-ordered them will be getting them soon!

I’m also getting ready to head to Phoenix at the end of the month, yep that’s right Phoenix in the summer! But it’s cool where I’m going, Art Unraveled to have fun with my art friends and teach a couple of classes!

We’ll be Puzzling Portraits, creating self-portrait journal pages on puzzle boards using some awesome Faber Castell Mixed Media Sampler kits that they’ve graciously provided for the whole class!

And I’ll share with you my tips for carving your own lino cuts in A Cut Above using Speedball cutting tools that Speedball has provided for the class kits. Lots of goodies and lots of fun! All in the lovely air-conditioned hotel!

Hope you’re enjoying summer and finding plenty of time to create as well~

More of This and That

Wow, hard to believe this first week on the New Year is almost over! I’ve been busy as can be working with customs agents to get my first really big shipment (on an actual ship no less) to the US. It has been quite the learning experience let me tell you!

I’ve spent many hours getting all of my business ducks in a row for 2012. I actually have ‘hired out’ my bookkeeping. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing it before, but sometimes something has to stare you in the face for a long time before the light bulb clicks on!

I’ve seen a lot of people choosing their word for 2012. I have a hard time thinking of one word that embodies all of what I hope this year will hold so I’m going to focus on the word ‘simplify’ for right now. I’m trying to gather myself together, bringing all areas under one roof as much as possible. Last year I felt stretched way too thin and I have cut out some things that aren’t a good fit for me right now. I’m learning to say ‘no’ in a nice way because I have to sometimes.

One of my decisions has come about after a series of discussions with a dear friend. I was going to put online classes way on the back burner this year. I have one at Artful Gathering this June, but that was going to be it. But people are always asking and I have a lot of workshops that were offered through various venues, so I’m going to begin adding these to a new page on my website, ONLINE CLASSES  These are classes that some may be familiar with, but will be brand new to others. The best thing is that I can offer them at lower prices which is a good thing in this economy. So while I’m busy writing away on book two this year, you can still have the option to take a class here and there if you wish.

If you are craving the inspiration of a real live venue I hope you’ll consider one of the live teaching venues listed on my TEACHING PAGE Several are open for registration including CREATE which just opened today!

If you haven’t yet checked out

I hope you’ll take a minute and stop by to see my first post ‘Dimensional Doodling’ . It goes right along with the Shades of Grey workshop. Love playing with Pitt Pens!

I hope you’re all having a lovely start to 2012~