Combining Two Passions

So some of you may know that I love to knit as well as creat art. It’s something completely different and so relaxing and I love the feel of amazing yarns. It’s sometimes a battle between the two as to where I spend my time lol. I also recently began a venture into oil painting. I’ll talk more about this later, it’s really been a learning curve!

Setting up a still life to paint from requires some thought and while I’m only 8 paintings in so far, I have been loving painting some of my favorite things around the house which is where I got the inspiration to paint my other passion!

Yarn Bowl 8×10 oils

This is my favorite yarn bowl, yes I have several lol, and the knitting needles my dad found for me several years ago so they are extra special. They are hand carved antiques that are well-worn. I don’t use them but I do display them in a bowl with some yarn balls on my coffee table.

I added a gallery for my oil paintings on my gallery page. I’m loving learning something new and working outside my comfort zone,

Fingerless Mitt Challenge

Most of you know I’m pretty addicted to knitting lol. Well I just finished a really fun and a bit of a challenge pattern for these Pieces of Eight Mitts. The first pair came out ok, but I ran into a glitch so being me I had to give it another go. The first pair was knitted in KnitPicks Felici, Lost Lakes color. For the second pair I used Poems Sock yarn in Sky and Earth color and because of the nature of the yarn each mitt turned out a little different which I love. They are knitted from the thumb out so if you want a little challenge try these cool mitts!

Falling for Fall

With the return of Fantasy Football, I’ve found more time to work in my art journal. While my household of men aren’t obsessed with the game, (they don’t schedule everything else around it) they do like it, so while they gather around the big screen TV, I sit in my favorite chair, with my feet propped up on the ottoman and journal to my hearts content.

I’m still loving to play with my Conte Crayons and plan to use these as my journal tool of choice in Paris this December. Be sure to check out my Teaching page for the latest news on upcoming workshops. Hope to be adding another live venue soon.

Maybe I’ll be able to steal a few moments tonight to finish this page up.

I also like to knit a bit and usually look for one or two cool little projects to work on during the colder weather. I knitted and felted this knitting bag a couple of years ago in my felted purse craze. This year I’m going to start with a fun Cabbage Rose Cuff from a kit I got at Crescendoh.

What are you looking forward to this Fall?