Art Journaling Live Event

ArtJournalingLiveclick on the above image to go to the registration site

I’m thrilled to be part of this day long Art Journaling Workshop hosted by Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine!

Art Journaling Live  will take place on October 26 from 8am-5pm in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Event Description:

Join the Cloth Paper Scissors team for a magic day with Art Journaling Super Stars: Julie Fei-Fan BalzerTraci BautistaPam Carriker, and Dina Wakley.

Learn the tips, tricks, secrets, and terrific techniques to take your art journaling to the next level in this spectacular all-day event. Julie, Traci, Pam, and Dina will lead you through four fun-filled individual classes with all the supplies you’ll need for the entire event.

Enjoy watching the hands-on demonstrations from the comfort of your seat as they are projected on the big screen.

 Class schedule for Saturday, October 26th

8:00am – Introduction






8:30am – 10:00am – Face Mask – Pam Carriker

10:00am – 10:30am – Break







10:30am – 12:00pm – Paint It Out – Dina Wakely

12:00pm – 1:30pm – Lunch and Show floor quick peek


1:30pm – 3:00pm – Color & Pattern Play – Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

3:00pm – 3:30pm – Break







3:30pm – 5:00pm – Printmaking Unleashed – Traci Bautista

Hope to see you there!!


New Stamp Line-Blog Hop Kick Off!






Boy, it’s been awhile since I posted; the end of the summer was a flurry of activity!! I’m very excited that one of those happenings was the release of my new stamp line by Stampington & Co!Product Logo




These are stamps designed for Art Journaling at the Speed of Life; because I know just how busy life can get! I asked some of my good art friends to try out my stamps and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with! Below is a new journal page spread I did with my new stamps and a couple of my Stencils


15 pcarriker stamps


Click on the above journal spread that I created for a FREE stepped out tutorial on how it was created!


*STAY TUNED: Every Thursday, a new artist will be posting his/her own project using my new stamp line (on their blog), and Stampington Place will include the link! Come back to discover these new projects and learn how to recreate them yourself:

Thursday Sept 5thSeth Apter − Link coming soon!

Thursday Sept 12thJen Cushman − Link coming soon!

Thursday Sept 19thMary Beth Shaw − Link coming soon!

Thursday Sept 26thDina Wakley − Link coming soon!

Thursday Oct 3rdTraci Bautista − Link coming soon!

Thursday Oct 10thChristen Olivarez − Link coming soon!



Jerry’s Online Street Team Art Project

I’m honored to be the Spotlight Artist in Jerry’s Artarama’s blog THE SPLATTER



and I have an Art Journaling Street Team Art Project too! Complete with stepped out pictures and written instruction of the process used to create this page spread in my journal

finished page spread pcarriker


Here’s a little video peek, for the FULL stepped out project please visit The Splatter and while you’re there I hope you’ll take a minute to leave a comment, I love hearing from you!!


New Stencil Designs!

Color Wheel Stencils are here!

Have you ever been working on a project and thought, I wish I had _____________? Well that is how my new line of stencils was born!

I was working on samples for workshops and drawing color wheels for the umpteenth time and I thought I really wish I had a stencil of these, not only are they handy for working out color palettes, they are such beautiful design elements to use in art journals and other projects. So after a talk with Mary Beth Shaw from Stencil Girl Products I went to work on some and now they are ready to go!

Just click on any of the stencil images and they will take you right to Stencil Girls website


Complementary 6 x 6

Here are some journal pages that I used the stencils on. I had a wonderful opportunity to share take them ( and a whole host of new designs) for a test drive with my students at Art Is You…Nashville this past weekend. I will be sharing more new designs in my line over the next few weeks.






Hue Tint Tone Shade 6 x 6


Hue Tint Tone Shade Outline 6 x 6


Primary Secondary Tertiary 6 x 6


Simple Color Wheels 9 x 12


Journal 365 is Here!

Journal 365 is now available for regular purchase directly from the manufacturer!
More information is on the Online Classes/DVD page of my website

Now Available for Purchase $76 plus shipping direct from manufacturer

Click here to buy now!

Journal 365

Over 6 1/2 hours of video instruction on 4 DVD’s with a ‘no fluff-get down to business’ approach. Journal 365 consists of 12 video lessons that vary in length, totaling over 6 hours of instruction in all. Each lesson was intended to be a starting point from which to create many journal pages over the course of a month. With 12 lessons you will have journal inspiration for a whole year!

Lesson 1- One

‘One’. It’s easy to keep adding and adding to a page with many interesting and exciting things to your page. Working with one image or word simplifies things and causes you to focus on the meaning or feeling that it evokes.  It’s powerful.

Lesson 2- At Face Value

Creating a Self Portrait can be intimidating if you’re not accustomed to drawing faces. The KEY is to remember it doesn’t have to be an exact replica of your face. You are creating the ‘essence’ of you, not a mirror image, and this journal exercise is intended to help you do just that.  You will learn some simple techniques that teach the tonal values of shading and be able to create a self portrait that reflects the inner you.

Lesson 3-Story Construction

We’ll focus on creating stories with collage and paint. By using magazine images, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera, it’s easy to create pages with a story all their own.

Lesson 4-Recycled Collage

Reusing your own artwork in your journal pages helps you get the most out of the time you put into creating art.Lesson 6-Making Your Own Mark.

Lesson 5-Back on Black

Creating on a black page creates drama and depth!

Lesson 6-Making Your Own Mark

Stamps are a great addition to any journal page, but in this lesson we kick it up a notch and carve our own stamps! By creating your own stamps you will continue to set your journal pages apart from the rest as you develop your own style of visual journaling.

Lesson 7-Behind the Mask

Most of us put on a ‘mask’ as we go about our daily life. It’s that ‘face’ that people want and expect to see from us. Each mask is different and we all wear them for different reasons. A lot of the time it doesn’t even really seem like we are wearing one because it’s so comfortable behind it peering out.

Lesson 8-Word Search

In this lesson we start with a whole page of words and then artfully cover them up until we are left with only the words that matter, giving a voice to the page as it evolves.

Lesson 9-Arcimboldo Style Self Portrait

In this lesson we will try our hand at a different type of self portrait. This can involve the amount of painting and drawing that you feel comfortable with. You can create it with collage only if you like. This lesson was inspired by one I taught to the 7th graders art class and it’s a great exercise to really search inside yourself to get at the real you.

Lesson 10-15 Minute Journal Pages

Let’s face it, sometimes there just isn’t any time left in the day to create art. On those days I love to spend just 15 minutes (I even set a timer to force myself to hurry) and create a fast and slightly messy journal page.Lesson 11-Monochromatic Media

Lesson 11-Monochromatic Media

By mixing several different types of media, in the form of collage, paint, and water soluble crayon you can create a visually pleasing journal page while only using one main color. Working with a Monochromatic palette forces your creativity to the surface and allows for interesting exploration of your favorite color or you can challenge yourself with a little used one.

Lesson 12-It’s a Wrap!

This has to be the easiest way on earth to get a really cool looking background for your journal pages. No two will ever be the same and it’s guaranteed fool proof! These pages have the look of tie dyed t-shirts without the mess that comes with the real thing and you can create them so fast you won’t believe it. Use them as is or as the base for more developed pages.