Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Industrial Chic Blog Hop Begins!

Anyone who has met Suzan Lenart Kazmer in person will tell you, she has an infectious laugh and energy that is second to none! So when I was asked to take part in this blog hop I knew how busy my schedule was, but hey, if Susan can do all she does how can I say no?

Each day a new artist will reveal what they made using this super cool Industrial Chic line of products that can be found in Michaels stores. Later this month I’ll share how I incorporated Art Journaling into my project.

Here’s a sneak peek at my project that will be revealed later in the month.


Wearing Inspiration

I just have to share these awesome bracelets I just got from Toby and Max!

I ordered three different ones to wear together. I especially love that I can wear them all the time, swimming, showering, I mean all the time! With meaningful messages written on the inside I feel like I always have inspiration and encouragement for those times I need that extra push. These are so comfortable, no jangling around and interfering with creating. Wear one or stack them up to make a statement-these are on my list of favorite things!