May’s Marathon

I’ve completed the first part of May’s Marathon by teaching two classes and having a book signing at Art & Soul in Hampton, VA. This was my first A&S experience and it surpassed my expectations ten fold!

Jesse Reno, me and Lesley Riley

The first night I met up with Lesley Riley at the Managers Reception. I cannot say enough nice things about Lesley. We met online a few months back when she asked to do an interview with me for Art & Soul Radio. Those things can be nerve-wracking, but the minute we started talking the hour flew by and I felt I’d found a new friend. We’ve emailed back and forth since and she helped me navigate my way with the Matisse Derivan product line. I highly recommend her Artist Success newsletter, website, and services. Lesley kindly offered to meet up with me that first night and proceeded to introduce me around making me feel completely at home.  I want to be like Lesley when I grow up:-)

About Jesse? Well let’s just say he is high energy, true to himself, and a complete pleasure to talk to. I will be taking a class from him at some point when I can work it in. One of the amazing things about attending a live teaching venue is the down time between workshops when you get to sit with other creatives and just talk about art. Lesley just finished interviewing Jesse so keep an eye out for that, sure to be interesting!

Student work

More Student Work

and even more student work

Signing books after class

One of the most memorable moments happened in the restroom…I was washing my hands and someone walked up to the sink next to me and I kind of saw them do a double take out the corner of my eye. Then they said “You’re Pam Carriker- I had a dream that I met you at Art & Soul…in the BATHROOM!” Totally cracked me up! Not sure about the meaning of that dream but I probably won’t ever forget being recognized in the bathroom-lol!

The student work was really amazing

Michelle Tomkins and me

What’s the best thing about attending an Art Retreat? Meeting new friends you feel like you’ve known forever!

As for my post title ‘May’s Marathon’ well next week I head to Colorado to shoot a DVD for Interweave, and then come home for a couple of days before heading to CREATE Costa Mesa. I’m living life out of my art suitcase this month and trying to enjoy every minute of it!