Ice Queen

Check out Jen Cushman’s new Ice Queen E-Zine! I’m honored to be the Superstar Saturday feature and couldn’t be more thrilled for the Jen and all of her acomplishments.

Jen is the author of

Click here for more info about her book

Jen is not only a fabulous artist, she is also a very savy business woman, she listens and shares her experiance, and she realizes the importance of family. All of these things are traits I greatly admire. So I hope you will check out ICE Resin’s new home.

I’m busy getting ready for Art Is…East Coast and worked on some sample pages for my Color Book Journal Pages workshop.

I will be bringing all of the materials I used to create these pages with me, so if you don’t have a lot of your own work to start with you can share some of mine and let your imagination take you from there!

It’s so fun to create a color book background first and then go crazy with color.

Who doesn’t love to color? You can completely reinvent your artwork and go wild with it!

If you are going to Art Is…East Coast in October I hope you’ll consider joining me for this fun workshop!