Give It, Spill It, Work It

Wow. I’m just back from Art Is…You Retreat on the East Coast. If you have not ever been to a retreat I highly recommend it! The energy is unbelievable and you come home full of inspiration. The emails and texts have been flying back and forth since I’ve been back and it’s truly amazing to see people gathering courage to go forward with their artistic goals!

Art at the Speed of Life contributors, Seth Apter, Nancy Lefko, and Jodi Ohl

While there I had the pleasure of teaching in the same room as Diana Trout. She is amazing as is her art and she graciously donated a copy of her book Journal Spilling and a packet of special collage materials to give away on my blog!

Diana’s book is full of ways to let yourself go and play in your journal. I love her free approach that allows you to enjoy the process of making art and not worry so much about the process. She shares many ideas and ways to journal fearlessly and I’m excited for one of you to win this giveaway! So just leave a comment and on October 14th I will draw one of your names!


Beginning October 15th I will be offering the last of my workshops for 2011. You can read about them HERE. I’m clearing my plate after this to concentrate on a couple of big projects so if you are wanting to take a workshop now is the time! They will run from October 15th-November 15th but I’m offering something I’ve not done before and that is video downloads come with the class! So you can keep creating all winter long. This is the last time I will be offering these workshops. To kick things off I’m going to give away your choice of one of the five to another name drawn from this post!

(If you have already signed up for the workshops I will refund the fee for one workshop if your name is drawn)

So, leave a comment and on the 14th journaling inspiration will be given away!


An Artful Gathering Place

Registration is now open for Artful Gathering! This is the perfect way to attend an art retreat, featuring an amazing list of teachers from all over and the best part is you don’t need to pack your suitcase! Through out this very special event, there will be ongoing drawings for prizes, amazing workshops covering a variety of media and techniques. All instructors will be available for student’s questions and commentary from July 16 to August 27, at which time our event will close, and the final Grand Prize Giveaways will be Raffled. So pop on over and see what all the hubbub is all about!

Visual Journalism 101 

After receiving numerous requests, I’m excited to bring back my first online workshop for one last time! Visual Journaling is everywhere now but it can be intimidating to get started. This workshop guides you through 5 lessons to create awesome pages using a variety of mixed media techniques that can also be applied to your other work. With an updated 29 paged down-loadable workbook, and a DVD of all of the video lessons (DVD’s will start to be mailed in August), you will be able to take notes and refer back to the lessons long after the workshop has ended. Almost 300 people have gone through this workshop, several have even had their journal pages published, so don’t miss out on this one last chance to begin Art Journaling today!

I hope you will join us for a fun few weeks of creative inspiration!

Don’t Delay

Journal 365, a 12 month online workshop

Lesson Two

will close to new registrants in only 6 days! I often get asked about workshops after registration has ended so I’m sending the word out once again in the hopes of giving everyone the opportunity to enroll before the door closes.

Lesson 4

Lesson 7

Lesson 11

These are just some of the things we’ve covered in the year-long work at your own pace, workshop.

If you are interested in joining check it out at

and begin the habit of journaling 365

Last Day for the Blog Tour

Time has flown by yet again, and we are at the last, but not least stop on the tour, Gail Schmidt

Gail and I have known each other for a few years now and she is the most wonderful person to work with. Always helpful and funny and ready to support you in whatever you do.  She is the creative mind behind Creative workshops and her newest adventure will happen this summer

An Artful Gathering of creative people in a new venue, an online Art Retreat! How cool will that be?

I have gotten a lot of emails asking me whether I’ll be offering Visual Journalism 101 again.  For those of you asking, I’m bringing this retired class back one last time.  At Artful Gathering 2011!  So this truly is your last chance to get in on this workshop before it is truly gone forever.  But you HAVE to register for Artful Gathering in order to purchase a class when they become available for the event.  If you haven’t heard about Artful Gathering then jump on over to and read all about this amazing event.  You will not want to miss it. I’ve revamped the class printed material, a downloadable 30+ paged booklet with text and stepped out pictures so you can have it for easy reference after the workshop is over.

Last, but not least, if you have been thinking about joining  Journal 365 workshop, registration closes the end of March.  The class then stays open for one more year for anyone who has purchased the class by the end of March 2011. Once the registration closes, the class will no longer be available.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour and a little peek at the contributors for my book. I am so humbled and thankful to them and to you for your support in this monumental project. This past year has definitely been one of growth, and I’ve learned so much through the process of writing a first book, and had so many things in my own personal life  happen that it makes me realize that what’s truly important is life itself and how it’s lived. It’s a very scary feeling to work on something so hard and then release it out into the world. It would be much easier to sit on the sidelines and not risk anything. But that’s not what living Art at the Speed of Life is about. That’s not how we grow as both artists and people. Sharing makes you vulnerable but by not sharing you can cease to grow. I chose awhile back to share, some ask why,  still others think it’s not enough, but most of you have been loving and nurturing souls that have enhanced my journey and I hope I’ve enhanced yours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Blog Tour Schedule

Jenny Doh

Suzi Blu

Seth Apter

Suzan Buckner

Sue Pelletier

All Norah’s Art

Lisa Kettell

Nancy Lefko

Chrysti Hydeck

Lisa Bebi

Jodi Ohl

Laurie Blau-Marshall

Dawn Edmonson

Paulette Insall


Julie Bergman


Gail Schmidt

Crusade 45

I haven’t played with Michelle Wards GPP Street team in a while, just too much going on, but when I saw what the challenge is this month via facebook, I just had to join in because I’d already done the work! This is such a fun process and one we explored in Lesson 4 of Journal 365. Michelle’s challenge takes the idea even further, taking your journal pages to another level. Check out Michelle’s challenges, they are always so much fun and a great way to stay motivated and inspired!

Here is a page made from several other journal pages and tied together with oil pastel
I’m doing a free online workshop for Strathmore Artist Papers on Recycled Journal Pages

Register Here

Here are some of the pages I used to create the one above

Here are some other pages created in the same fashion