A Tutu, A Tutorial and a Happy Dance!

So you may know I’m teaching at Art Is…You on the East Coast this October but what you may not know is there is a Tutu Revolution going on!! So it’s time to dust off that tutu or get a cool one from Carrie Clayden of Hip Chick Designs and Bring It to Art Is!!!

Stampington & Co has a blog-did you know? It’s full of tutorials and how to’s from guest artists one of which I’m thrilled to be this month! I’m sharing a tutorial on  Shiva Paintstiks and how to create a non-messy ‘oil’ painting. I hope you’ll stop by and check it and the other wonderful tutorials there and don’t forget to sign up to receive email notifications so you can keep up with Stampington’s latest~

And for the Happy Dance…I’ve been sitting on a secret for some time now and it was just reveled in the May issue of Somerset Studio

Yes! My happy dance for a line of stamps coming out very soon with Stampington & Co!!! You can check out my article about my “Lost Journal” (remember the journal I lost last August during our move?) and get a little sneak peek at some of the inspiration behind the designs for my new stamp line! If you’re interested in carving your own lino blocks check out my upcoming classes at CREATE and Art Unraveled.

This has been an exciting couple of weeks and I’m completely honored to be the Profile Artist for the spring issue of Art Journaling. I was in the inaugural issue of this publication and many since and I’m so glad they’ve now made this a quarterly magazine! There’s so much inspiring journaling going on all around us.  If you are of a mind you may want to submit a journal of your own to Art Journaling. You can find all of the information on their website


CREATE was so much fun! I had a full day of teaching-two workshops back to back

Journal in a Day

Painting with PanPastels

two workshops in one day, but the following day I only had a book signing which allowed me to take a couple of workshops.

‘Oh My Word’ with Joanne Sharpe

We had so much fun! Check out her blogpost to see more:-)

‘Doodle Soup’ with Dawn Sokol

What was really fun is that I was able to finish off my journal in both of these classes!

Kari McKnight-Holbrook, me, Dawn Sokol, and Jen Cushman, Kari and Jen were my roomies!

Everyone’s getting busy with their journals!

I wish I’d taken more pictures, I was so busy that I just didn’t get very many, hopefully other’s did and I can add them later. I was especially thrilled to meet several online friends that I’d not met in person before and to see several others that I’ve met here and there in my travels. It was a very good experience.


Home for a couple of days and then off to Costa Mesa and CREATE! I can’t wait to share all the happenings of this past week with you, but you’ll have to wait just a bit. I did get to stare at some eye candy for at least some of the time;-)

You really just never know who you’ll run into!

I had the good fortune to meet my editor Elaine Lipson for the first time as well! She’s awesome and I hope to work her again someday.

and it’s always so much fun to meet other artists and make new friends like Paula Phillips!

This week I’m heading to Costa Mesa and so looking forward to meeting many online friends in real life! I’m packing up my art kits and supplies, hoping to keep my suitcase under the 78lbs it was for the last venture, but no promises there.

Journal in a Day

Painting with PanPastels

Hope to see some of you there!

May’s Marathon

I’ve completed the first part of May’s Marathon by teaching two classes and having a book signing at Art & Soul in Hampton, VA. This was my first A&S experience and it surpassed my expectations ten fold!

Jesse Reno, me and Lesley Riley

The first night I met up with Lesley Riley at the Managers Reception. I cannot say enough nice things about Lesley. We met online a few months back when she asked to do an interview with me for Art & Soul Radio. Those things can be nerve-wracking, but the minute we started talking the hour flew by and I felt I’d found a new friend. We’ve emailed back and forth since and she helped me navigate my way with the Matisse Derivan product line. I highly recommend her Artist Success newsletter, website, and services. Lesley kindly offered to meet up with me that first night and proceeded to introduce me around making me feel completely at home.  I want to be like Lesley when I grow up:-)

About Jesse? Well let’s just say he is high energy, true to himself, and a complete pleasure to talk to. I will be taking a class from him at some point when I can work it in. One of the amazing things about attending a live teaching venue is the down time between workshops when you get to sit with other creatives and just talk about art. Lesley just finished interviewing Jesse so keep an eye out for that, sure to be interesting!

Student work

More Student Work

and even more student work

Signing books after class

One of the most memorable moments happened in the restroom…I was washing my hands and someone walked up to the sink next to me and I kind of saw them do a double take out the corner of my eye. Then they said “You’re Pam Carriker- I had a dream that I met you at Art & Soul…in the BATHROOM!” Totally cracked me up! Not sure about the meaning of that dream but I probably won’t ever forget being recognized in the bathroom-lol!

The student work was really amazing

Michelle Tomkins and me

What’s the best thing about attending an Art Retreat? Meeting new friends you feel like you’ve known forever!

As for my post title ‘May’s Marathon’ well next week I head to Colorado to shoot a DVD for Interweave, and then come home for a couple of days before heading to CREATE Costa Mesa. I’m living life out of my art suitcase this month and trying to enjoy every minute of it!

Officially Excited!

Well, I’ve shared a bit about working on some things with Derivan Matisse and yesterday I signed on the dotted line to make it official-a product line of new and exciting art supplies! This is something I’m so excited about, things I want for art supplies in my own studio and now I get to help make them available to you as well.

This company produces top-notch artist paints and mediums making it very easy to say yes to working with them. I’ll share more specific details when I can, but I want to thank everyone for the well wishes on Facebook. It is so wonderful to be able to share and celebrate things in that way with each other.

I’ve also been busy getting ready for two upcoming Art Retreats. Here are some samples of what I’m teaching. I’m really looking forward to it and hope to see some of you there!

ART & SOUL Hampton

Renaissance Women

Arcimboldo Style Self Portraits

CREATE Costa Mesa, CA

Painting with PanPastels

Journal in a Day