Monday’s Muse

I was cleaning up in my studio over the weekend and ran across a book of Modigliani’s work. I made the mistake of opening it and before you knew got out my sketch pad inspired by his work. So much for cleaning the rest of my studio!


I’ve been doing my daily sketches for quite awhile now, started off last year in my Moleskine but have switched over to the 9×12 Strathmore Visual Journal-100lb drawing paper. I like the larger size and the paper is wonderful for drawing.

I love the fluid bodies of Modigliani. They are so feminine and graceful. The discipline of sketching every day is just like exercising, flexing and using your muscles helps them to stay in shape. You can sketch anything, anywhere, so there’s really no excuse not to!

This was done a long time ago-I think it was a lesson in a drawing book maybe? I really should be better about dating/labeling. I have some sketches (thanks to my grandma who saved everything) from back in high school.  One of these days I think I might try to gather them all together into one portfolio so I can see the progress from then until now. I wish I’d had the foresight to keep all of them over the years. But, sketches can seem disposable a lot of the time I would sketch onto scraps of paper and not in a journal where it’s easy to keep them. Well there’s no going back to reclaim what’s lost but I can go forward and keep a better account.

Challenge Yourself

Have you checked out the Sketchbook Challenge yet? Well get your pencils out and head over to get inspired! Sue Bleiweiss was kind enough to interview me about my sketchbooks. Sketching is such a big part of how I stay in a creative state of mind. There are many days that I don’t even make it into my studio as I take care of the business side of art, but by keeping my sketchbook close at hand I can still be creative.

I also treated myself to these fabulous Caran d’ache gradient grey sketching pencils!! LOVE that they are color coded on the outside. I hate having to dig through my pencils reading those tiny little letters and numbers to get the right one. I got mine from a lovely little shop in Port Angeles WA called Art Supplies Unlimited.

Also, have you seen the Cover Guy on the latest CPS Studios???

It’s Ty Pennington!! He is such an awesome creative and this issue looks to be chock full of inspiration to help get your studio in shape and your creative juices flowing! Also in this issue is an excerpt from my book, so be sure to pick up this issue as they’re expecting it to sell out with Ty on the cover!


Page Du Jour

In preparation for the Paris Retreat, I’ve been working daily with Conte Crayons in a Moleskine journal. The simplicity of creating pages with simple tools is both quick and very satisfying. I’ve been posting my ‘Page Du Jour’ on facebook but it dawned on me today that I can better manage my blog by posting them here (which conveniently also posts to FB) duh! So in an effort to unofficially keep up with the ‘Art Every Day in November’ movement, I’ll post the past 6 days worth and then work really hard to keep it up by blogging the pages daily the rest of the month. I truly do create every day. I can’t even remember a day in recent history that I haven’t done something creative. Not always is it art, sometimes it’s writing or even working on my website, but those count too. Creating is a way of life and even if it’s only for a few minutes, I make time for it every day.

Day 6

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

Turning a sketch into a journal page is easy with Pitt Brush Tipped Artist Pens. They come in the same colors as the Conte Crayons and are great paired together with them.


From Rio to WA inspiration is everywhere!

What a fun and crazy week I had! When you’re married to a pilot you learn to fly by the seat of your pants! With our 11th anniversary approaching a trip came open and by sheer luck and miracles my husband was able to pick it up. 3 days and 2 nights in RIO!!!  I won’t go into the whole ‘How to get a Visa in two days or less’ scenario, but many thanks to one really nice person at the Brazilian Consulate in Chicago and thanks to Kinko’s for being open for passport photos at 1:30am!

Without much sleep we hit the streets and lovely streets they were!

And we had caipirinhas on the beach…

Copacabana Beach…

Shrimp anyone?

On to Christ the Redeemer what a view, this was my favorite part of the whole trip even though I was sick.

of course I had to take a few minutes to journal about the experience

One overnight flight and I was back in the USA and heading to Washington state. I got to visit my family and teach a workshop in Port Angeles!

Fun with PanPastels, encaustic, acrylics, collage and more!

and who should come to take my class but the daughter of one of my BFF’s from high school!

Everyone did such an awesome job, so much fun!!! Thank you all for the good time and yummy catered lunch Art Supplies Unlimited!