Another New Journal

I think I have a problem. I have 5 journals that I’m working in at this moment and I just added a 6th! This one is a 7 x 10 Strathmore Black Field Drawing Notebook. It has lovely heavy black pages. I got it to play with my Caran d’ache crayons in. I find it a good thing to mix up the size of book you are working in. It helps you to stretch your creative muscle. This little portrait was done with the water soluble crayons and fluid matte medium. Layer after layer of crayon was built up over the black. After working on white, this is a refreshing twist. I am looking forward to playing some more tonight.

Developing Your Own Voice

I thought I would share this journal page with you today. I did this little exercise in my journal while traveling to CA for the ConvenZioNE. Journals are a great place to actually ‘do’ some of the little exercises artists sometimes publish with their articles. I wish I remembered where I read this, but I don’t. Sometimes I just jot the exercise down for future reference. I do know it was written by Gina Arnfield. In my journaling workshop I tell people to use things they love, things they are drawn to, colors that speak to them and their pages will turn out to reflect them. That is what this little exercise will help you find out. What are you drawn to? What are your favorite colors? I challenge you to answer the questions listed on my journal page for yourself.

Random Thoughts

I have been playing with paint in my moleskine and much to my delight the lovely journal holds up to this medium well with a little care. I tried it first prepping the page with gesso. This works well but results in a bit of a thicker page. Then I tried it straight to the page and if your paint is too watery it soaks in and doesn’t allow for much movement of the paint. My best attempts were achieved with a mix of paint and Golden’s Fluid Acrylic Medium in Satin. It allows for movement of the paint, keeps it from soaking into the page too quickly and doesn’t add to the page thickness too much. Gluing collage items down with gel medium as a base will also allow for paint movement. Now I can play with all of my favorite art supplies in my moleskine.

For anyone interested, my online Journal Workshops are now ‘open’ for ongoing enrollment. There will be no starting/stopping dates so you can work at your own pace with unlimited access to class materials.

Melange Team Weekly Challenge

The Melange Team artists are ‘Mixing It Up’ with mixed media in the form of a weekly challenge! Anyone can play, you don’t have to be a team member, (but we’ll take ya if you’re interested:-)

This weeks challenge is ‘TICKET’ and I decided that since I journal almost daily, I would just incorporate the weekly prompt into my journals. That makes it very doable for me.

With my middle sons graduation just weeks away, this page is dedicated to the class of 2009. It is one of those ‘accident’ pages that basically made itself.

It started out a few days ago with a scrap of paper that I’d done a transfer of a bird image for practice. I glued it into my journal for future use. Then to go with the ‘Ticket’ prompt I also glued in an airplane ticket stub from hubby, and added a couple of other ticket images I had. Layers of leftover paint from this mornings project tied the whole thing together. To this I added the perfect quotes. Love it when a page just evolves, capturing a moment of life to perfection.

IRL Workshop

What a fun morning! I was asked to speak and present a demonstration at the SW Missouri Art Teachers Association’s semi-annual conference. You can’t beat the mid west for friendly people and these were no exception. It has been a while since I’ve done a ‘live’ workshop and I had forgotten how fun it can be. I thank them for their warm reception and am excited that I have been asked back to do a summer workshop with more time allowed.
This is the sample page that I demonstrated in the class and I am hopeful that some of those present will email me images of their pages so
Images from Shabby Cottage Studios
I can post those too. (hint, hint:-)
On the home front, my step mom is in good spirits and has been given a good recovery prognosis for her breast cancer. Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes. I will keep you posted and appreciate your continued prayers.
Happy weekend friends!