Passing Time

I spent several hours waiting for a flight with some empty seats on it this past weekend. We had a great time at the EAA Airshow in Wisconsin, walked our feet off! Now I am packing again to go to Washington and visit my family. When I get home there will be the flurry of school clothes shopping, end of summer boating and before I know it summer will be over. I have to say, we have not experienced many of those ‘endless’ summer days. Each one seems filled with activities but I manage to squeeze in some art time every day. Even if it’s just a quick little bit of journaling.
I hope you are finding time for art. It does not have to be a BIG block of time, just a few minutes spent in your journal can make all the difference in your creative state of mind.

I am participating in the Melange Team Etsy Sales Event August 7-9 even though I will be gone. I am offering 15% off both my Art Shop and my Print Shop.
Refunds to be made through PayPal.

My New Banner created by Gail Schmidt

I am so excited about my lovely new banner that was created by my friend and fellow ZNE Design Team member, Gail Schmidt! She if phenomenal, and if any of you are looking to update your look, I would check out her blog .
She is such a pleasure to work with and so talented! This banner is one that we worked on together, incorporating my own artwork, and she let me have as much input as I wanted, which makes it so nice for those of us who are technophobes about such things. She is also working on my business card and a beautiful postcard to include that I can include with purchases from my etsy shop, .