A Little Peek At My WIP

Here is a little peek at my latest Work In Progress. I worked on the shading of her face, a bit on her eyes, and her hair. It’s so much fun to share pictures of the journey each piece takes as it comes to life. I love to look at WIP’s on other peoples blogs and want to share a bit about my studio life with my blogging friends. Thank you so much for all of your comments, they make my day and inspire me to keep creating.

Latest WIP

Summer is slow going for my artistic pursuits. I have been busy with some submissions for publication, but have been itching to work on something new for my etsy shop. This is my latest work in progress. She is inspired by summer, infused with bright colors that remind me of the summer sky
and the beauty of the garden. She is even going to have a little ‘Mini Pearl’ tag hanging from her hat. I always think I like one season better than another, but I think I truly like them all, each for what it has to offer. I hope your summer days are long and lazy and filled with family and friends.