Guest Artist Feature

It finally arrived! I just received the latest issue of The Stampers’ Sampler and there was my name, on the cover-OMG! I just stood there staring and then ran to show my DH. He looked so proud and said this is the most impressive thing you’ve done yet. Now, why I am blessed with a non-artsy DH, that can be so supportive of my artistic pursuits, I will never know. He puts up with Hobby Lobby and Michael’s receipts coming out his ears, lets me have time to work without feeling guilty, helps me with computer problems, and never fails to tell me he’s proud of me. What more could a girl ask for? Oh, yeah, when I tore the bumper off our brand new GTO a couple of years ago, (looong story) he sent me flowers because he knew how bad I felt about it. Does he get the Best DH of the Year award or what? Seeing the look on his face while he looked through this article, was more than reward enough for the less than glamorous times we all go through. He looked at the first page and said, “Man, they must have used like 25pt font!” LOL! Thank you my blogging friends, old and new, for inspiring me through your comments and your own artistic journey’s. Your support means the world to me.

Published in the Stampers’ Sampler!!!

What a great surprise awaited me in the mailbox today! I found an issue of the Stampers’ Sampler and when I opened it up expecting to find my ‘Star Spangled Banner’ on one of the pages, I find an article 3 pages long!

I really was taken aback, they did a wonderful job photographing it too. I have the banner hanging on my fireplace mantel for Memorial Day and the Fourth. But that wasn’t all, I skimmed through the rest of the magazine, because that’s what I always do first, and there on another page were two more pieces I had submitted for their Tempting Template call. I submitted two cards made using their template. Inside of these is an altered teabag, with a vintage photo of both Chamomile, and Earl Gray. This was a fun template to design around. Check out the Stampers’ Sampler if you get a chance to. And be sure to look for the next issue as I am very honored to be the featured guest artist. It was a lot of fun to answer the interview questions:-) It is an indescribable feeling to look through these magazines that I have been reading for some time and see my work. And to think, I wouldn’t have dreamed of submitting work without the wonderful support of the online art community.