Art at the Speed of Life, The Book

The past two years have been an amazing transition from SAHM who loves art to Art as my career. For the 20+ years prior, art was my hobby, always there, always cherished, but not my ‘day job’. This has changed over the last couple of years as I started to take some baby steps out into the the world of publication.

The start was a simple list of goals and dreams in my Art Journal. These were my ‘secret’ dreams and I did not know if they were possible, but I did know that if I didn’t at least try they would always just be a dream.
So I sent a piece in to a magazine.
It was sent back a couple of months later.
I sent in another piece.
It was sent back a couple of months later.
This is where I could have given up.
But something inside of me was determined and I sent in three pieces.
These were published!
This was the start of an exciting ride of publications, teaching opportunities and now the realization of my heart of arts deepest desire,
the publication of my book,

Art at the Speed of Life

I’ve been working and reworking this book idea since last December. I’ve learned so much in the process. Looking back I realize that the timing was not right until now. Like everything else, there is much growth in the journey. It is the journey, not the accomplishments, that make us who we are.

I would like to invite all of you, my family, friends, and fellow bloggers to share the journey of ‘Art at the Speed of Life’ on my new blog. I will share the ups and downs of the road the book will travel.
I will share in the hopes that it will help and encourage some of you on your own journey and to help me learn and grow as much as possible along the way.
I hope to see you over there to follow along with the books progress,


Thank you everyone for participating in my sale! It is now officially over, and the rest of the packages will go out tomorrow.
I just ordered some new prints of some sold originals and I will let you know when they arrive.
Also on the immediate horizon, my article, ‘Wearing My HeArt on My Sleeve’ will be in the upcoming issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. This article includes step out pictures of one of my portraits.
I am going to go and relax after a day of mulching, planting, and mowing. The yard looks great, me not so much:-)
Have a great weekend all!

It’s Here, Just In Time For Christmas!

The wait is over, I finally received my advance copy of Somerset’s ‘Art Journaling‘! What a wonderful Christmas present. You will not believe the pages of this magazine. The editor sent out a little artists preview and I thought that was great, but these 144 pages are packed with the journal pages of 17 artists. It reads and feels like a book more than a magazine. I have only done a preliminary look-through and cannot wait for the plane ride tomorrow to see my family. I will have a few uninterrupted hours to read through the articles. I found it very touching that the pages they chose to use had special meaning to me personally. One was done in the hospital waiting room while my middle son was in surgery, one was late at night after waiting for my DH to come home only to find out he had missed the last flight out, a couple were about groups I belong to online, and one is about my journey in the land of the blog. It was only after this thought struck me that I realized that is what keeping a visual journal is all about. Capturing those moments, those feelings, with art as well as with words.
I’ll share a little snippet with you, but you will have to wait until January 1st to see this amazing publication.

Listing a Published Work

Just a little note, I listed this piece, ‘Take Paris by Storm’, that is in the current issue of The Stampers Sampler in my etsy shop. It is part of my guest artist feature and I am including a signed copy of the magazine.
The painting and stamping wrap around the sides of the piece so that it may be hung as is. I am also offering free shipping in the US until Friday, the 5th of September, so it’s a good time to check out my etsy shop, The Bag Lady’s Art.

Guest Artist Feature

It finally arrived! I just received the latest issue of The Stampers’ Sampler and there was my name, on the cover-OMG! I just stood there staring and then ran to show my DH. He looked so proud and said this is the most impressive thing you’ve done yet. Now, why I am blessed with a non-artsy DH, that can be so supportive of my artistic pursuits, I will never know. He puts up with Hobby Lobby and Michael’s receipts coming out his ears, lets me have time to work without feeling guilty, helps me with computer problems, and never fails to tell me he’s proud of me. What more could a girl ask for? Oh, yeah, when I tore the bumper off our brand new GTO a couple of years ago, (looong story) he sent me flowers because he knew how bad I felt about it. Does he get the Best DH of the Year award or what? Seeing the look on his face while he looked through this article, was more than reward enough for the less than glamorous times we all go through. He looked at the first page and said, “Man, they must have used like 25pt font!” LOL! Thank you my blogging friends, old and new, for inspiring me through your comments and your own artistic journey’s. Your support means the world to me.