Day 29, STRESS

It was just one of ‘those’ days. I got up, day 3 of no school due to snow, and between drying snow clothes, cooking, dishes, laundry, eye doctor appointment, and life, I just did not get done what I wanted to. I just put my little guy to bed, he is pooped from snowboarding, and hubby is making me a cup of tea, and I am going to go and lock myself into my studio for a couple of hours. These pages were done in my moleskine with pitt pens. They are nothing like what I envisioned this morning. But that is the beauty of letting the page dictate where it will go. I feel so much better and clear headed getting it all out. Now I can go and be productive. I hope your day was productive:-)

Nancy Lefko, who is featured in the post below, has gifted me with this blog award. I am to list 5 things I am into right now, so here goes…
1.) Art journals-go figure:-)
2.) Sharing a love for art through workshops and writing
3.) Spring cleaning (I know, I’m early)
4.) Playing with mediums, experimenting
5.) My family, even though they drove me a little nuts earlier today:-)

January Journaling Day 7~Shades of Grey

This was inspired by a picture I saw of one of those lovely stone angels. I don’t usually draw the eyes closed, but this depicts those moments when I just close my eyes for a minute and gather the strength that I need to do the task at hand. My eyes may be closed, but my minds eye is WIDE open. I have started to work on the cover which, of course will be painted in shades of grey.

January Journaling Day 6, Shades of Grey

“If I could be Queen for a day…’ What would you do? I realized that I might already be a Queen. My palace may not be palatial, and my loyal subjects are few, but in a small way I am the Queen here.
I started this page a few days ago by simply stamping the crownish image. I bought some new stamps and many times I will randomly stamp the images into my journal and later work them into a page.
This one seemed to make a great crown. I added some details and shading and as per Misty Mawn’s prompt to do self portraits, added a face. She is not me necessarily in looks, though people say all the time that my ladies kind of look like me. I think that is because I am expressing myself through them. I guess after looking in a mirror for 44 years, the face I’m most familiar with is mine. I have a longish nose and neck and largish eyes and so do my ladies.
I’m really liking working in this smallish journal, with simple tools and simple drawings. No painty, no cutty, no gluey. A nice change.