Peacefully painting

Finally, I am at a place where I can start another mixed media portrait. I am finding that this venue is very calming to my soul. I have a lot of things tugging at my heartstrings right now, with my oldest in Basic Training, trying to get my middle one to seriously think about what college he is most interested in, and my youngest with his 6 year old daily challenges. I have been working on the various stages of things that are being published, which is very exciting and new. I have to work on my interview questions later tonight, for the guest artist feature in Stampers’ Sampler later this summer. The editor just emailed them today and I think later this week, I will post the questions for you all to answer for yourselves. I can’t show you my answers though, you will have to wait and check them out this summer:-) Back to my newest portrait. I have been praying daily for my oldest, it is so hard not being able to talk to him. He had a 3 minute phone call and that’s it so far. When I was cleaning and organizing my collage sheets, I found the Madonna image that you see on my desk. It made me think of all of the mother’s over all the ages, praying for their children. It is with this inspiration that I am creating my piece. I am doing it on a 12x12x1 1/2 gallery wrapped canvas, and carrying the designs all the way around the edges. I am finding peace in painting this. It is from my heart and I can’t wait to see who she will be.

What’s In A Face?

I have really enjoyed working on mixed media portraits. I can’t describe how fun it is to watch the “ladies” develope on the canvas. They start out as blank slates, no personality, no story. Then as their face takes shape it says something to me. I almost feel like they speak to me and tell me what their message is. Kind of corny maybe, but that’s how it feels. I don’t start these with a title or plan as to how their face will look. I draw the basic shape and then paint the face as I go. Sometimes they look a little sad, or deep in thought, or happy, or peaceful. They each have their own message, their own identity. It is very fulfilling watching them emerge before my eyes. I’m hooked! Here are my latest ones.
I just sold four mixed media portraits this past weekend on Etsy. I have decided to make a limited number of prints for each portrait. We’ll see how that goes. I do like how the prints turned out. I had them done at a print shop on acid free/archival quality paper. This way I can keep one for myself too. I have to admit it is a little sad to see my ladies go and much easier to part with them when I have a little reminder of my own. “A Mother’s Nature” will be going off to her new home this week. She is being given to a mom of a woman who is moving away. A fitting place for her and I’m glad.

A Mother By Nature

Some days make you both proud to be a mom, and sad at the same time. Yesterday was one of those days for me. My oldest son Christopher, will turn 18 in two weeks. He has talked about going into the Army for several years, so it should come as no surprise, but he is signing up. We have talked to the recruiter and it is all set. Part of my heart is bursting with pride, but all of you moms out there will understand the part that says, “Wait! That’s my little boy! He’s not ready!!!” Why is it that while our boys tower above us we still see them as our “little” boys. The ones that play with legos, watch cartoons, wrestle on the floor, pick on their brothers and come inside with mud on their shoes? I was working on this piece while all of the talk of army recruiters was going on. My husband said “that is really nice, but she looks so sad”. I guess that is what happens in our art. Our feelings go into our work. So while she is sad, she knows that we only hold our fragile children in our hands for a short while, until they are strong enough to fly away on their own.