IRL Workshop

What a fun morning! I was asked to speak and present a demonstration at the SW Missouri Art Teachers Association’s semi-annual conference. You can’t beat the mid west for friendly people and these were no exception. It has been a while since I’ve done a ‘live’ workshop and I had forgotten how fun it can be. I thank them for their warm reception and am excited that I have been asked back to do a summer workshop with more time allowed.
This is the sample page that I demonstrated in the class and I am hopeful that some of those present will email me images of their pages so
Images from Shabby Cottage Studios
I can post those too. (hint, hint:-)
On the home front, my step mom is in good spirits and has been given a good recovery prognosis for her breast cancer. Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes. I will keep you posted and appreciate your continued prayers.
Happy weekend friends!

I’m Back, finally

It seems like forever since I’ve posted. We had an amazing time in D.C., walking our legs off going to museums and monuments everyday. To say it was inspiring would be an understatement. I have not even uploaded the pictures yet, just trying to catch up on home-life and things first. I did finish this piece. I saw so many beautiful works of art my head is simply swimming. I was itching to get back in my studio and put some sketches to good use. This one is titled ‘Remember‘.

On the home front, we came home to the upsetting news that my step mom has Breast Cancer. We won’t know anything more until Friday, but I would so appreciate your prayers. My family has been through this battle before, twice with my dad and once with my step dad, all with good outcomes, so we are being as positive as we can about the battle ahead.

I have much more to share, but not much time today, I am getting ready for a speaking engagement with the Southwest Missouri Art Teachers Association this Saturday. The president of the assoc asked me to demonstrate some art journal techniques after reading my article in Somerset’s Art Journaling. I am looking forward to this opportunity.