Beauty in Strength

I just got back from visiting my family. This was my first trip back since my step mom’s breast cancer diagnosis and the thing that struck me immediately, was the strength I saw in her eyes. She spent most of the weekend visiting with all of the family, head unadorned by hair, scarf, or wig. I thought I would feel uncomfortable at her new loss, but instead I felt her strength and was comforted by it. She is bravely facing this battle and confidently making plans for ‘after treatment’.
This piece titled Beauty in Strength is inspired by her and in an effort to continue raising funds for research efforts, I will be offering prints in my etsy Print Shop, with the profits going to the Susan G. Komen Center.
‘I don’t think of all the misery but
of the Beauty that still remains’

Passing Time

I spent several hours waiting for a flight with some empty seats on it this past weekend. We had a great time at the EAA Airshow in Wisconsin, walked our feet off! Now I am packing again to go to Washington and visit my family. When I get home there will be the flurry of school clothes shopping, end of summer boating and before I know it summer will be over. I have to say, we have not experienced many of those ‘endless’ summer days. Each one seems filled with activities but I manage to squeeze in some art time every day. Even if it’s just a quick little bit of journaling.
I hope you are finding time for art. It does not have to be a BIG block of time, just a few minutes spent in your journal can make all the difference in your creative state of mind.

I am participating in the Melange Team Etsy Sales Event August 7-9 even though I will be gone. I am offering 15% off both my Art Shop and my Print Shop.
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I was so excited a couple of days ago to find this sweet little gift of nature in a flower pot on my deck. Two precious little eggs in a nest so close to my back door. But I have come to realize these eggs have been abandoned, the mama bird nowhere to be seen.

They inspired this painting which I have titled simply ‘Nurture’. Seeing the eggs so lovingly tucked into the nest stirs the mother’s instinct inside my heart. Sometimes despite our best intentions and efforts, we are unable to ‘mother’ for various reasons. Sometimes our children are simply too independant and we must sit on the sidelines while they find their way. They will one day realize that even when they did not want our help, we were there all the time waiting and watching.

available in my etsy art shop

All My Eggs In One Basket

My grandma used to say ‘not to put all of my eggs in one basket’, but I couldn’t resist doing a couple more ‘Blue Speckled Egg’ pieces. My husband liked these and said that my color palette ties all of my work together. He said the next thing he knows I will have a line of art supplies, my own signature colors-lol! Thank you for the vote of confidence honey:-) I am really enjoying playing in a little different venue. I guess it’s not all that different, my first collages were somewhat along these lines, but now I am doing far more painting than collage work.

free shipping if two or more of this series are purchased


I just finished this piece titled ‘Enjoy’. Still having fun playing with the pears and have one more in the works that incorporates a portrait.
I am going away for a couple of days to enjoy celebrating my 10th anniversary in Cabo San Lukas with my DH. I hope you all enjoy your weekend, whether it is the simple pleasure of a bite of perfectly ripened fruit, a juicy burger off the grill, or listening to the laughter of kids running through a sprinkler, take a moment and enjoy~