A Mother By Nature

Some days make you both proud to be a mom, and sad at the same time. Yesterday was one of those days for me. My oldest son Christopher, will turn 18 in two weeks. He has talked about going into the Army for several years, so it should come as no surprise, but he is signing up. We have talked to the recruiter and it is all set. Part of my heart is bursting with pride, but all of you moms out there will understand the part that says, “Wait! That’s my little boy! He’s not ready!!!” Why is it that while our boys tower above us we still see them as our “little” boys. The ones that play with legos, watch cartoons, wrestle on the floor, pick on their brothers and come inside with mud on their shoes? I was working on this piece while all of the talk of army recruiters was going on. My husband said “that is really nice, but she looks so sad”. I guess that is what happens in our art. Our feelings go into our work. So while she is sad, she knows that we only hold our fragile children in our hands for a short while, until they are strong enough to fly away on their own.


Sometimes I start on a piece and get so far and then can’t figure out how to finish it. Such was the case with this piece. I had the back ground and even the woman’s face, then my muse took a vacation and there the canvas sat, unfinished, waiting for further inspiration. This doesn’t happen a lot, thankgoodness, as I like to finish what I start, but once in a while I just can’t seem to reach the finish line. So today I went in to my studio and tried to decide what to work on. There was my unfinished canvas staring at me. A worthy goal for the day. Not sure where to go with this piece, I went online and started looking for quotes. Pages later, I happened on this quote, “You cannot prevent birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair”. It’s a chinese proverb. There was my muse, dancing around clapping his hands! A few hours later and filled with satisfaction at having completed my task for the day (I also got the vacuuming done and worked out-woo-hoo) I am happy with my finished piece and even more happy knowing tomorrow when I step into my studio I won’t still be looking at that unfinished canvas.