A Belated Happy New Year

Out with the Old, In with the New’ 4×6 oil on board

Well I had good intentions to post at the first of the year but…LIFE. I have however been painting a fair bit, getting ready for an event with my Art Guild.

I purchased a dozen quail eggs and have loved doing a series of paintings off of them.

‘New Beginnings’ 5×7 oil on board

I have to admit I was totally ready to kick 2022 to the curb, much like the previous two years. As I reflect on it I am trying to see the positives more than the negatives. My middle son found out he had cancer, a completely scary time for all of us. But it was treatable, caught early and with surgery it was removed and he is well now thankfully!

‘Set Apart’ 4×6 oil on board

My youngest who is serving in the Navy, was deployed. All of you service mom’s know what it’s like to have them gone. I’m praying constantly for his safe return. This time things are much different than when my oldest was deployed. We can keep in touch easily with email and he has been able to text and even call, much better than snail mail!e

Tea for Two’ 8×10 oil on board

Going to try and ease into this new year with the hope that it brings joy, peace and better things than we’ve seen with the last couple of years. Going to go grab a cup of tea and get back to my painting for now.



A New Beginning

Busy working like a fiend, but managed to finish this finally and get it listed. No journal page today, but at least some art and lots of writing. Hope you are all being productive:-) The sun is out and makes me long for spring, but that cold 30 degree temp is keeping me inside. This piece feels just like that to me. Longing for spring flowers on a bright, cold, winter day.
Misty Mawn’s latest piece inspired me a bit with this one. I love her use of white. She gets so much texture from a simple color palette.

A Mother’s Hope

I just finished the third in a series of five mixed media portraits. This one is titled, ‘A Mother’s Hope’. I have a lot of ‘mother moments’ going on right now, and it is very soothing for me to try and capture some of those feelings on canvas. While my oldest is in Basic Training, my middle is going to be a senior next year, and my youngest is still a sweet almost 7 years old, I have so many emotions right now connected to my children. I remember like it was yesterday, the hope of becoming a mother, and that oh so exciting day when I knew I would be! I love the soft look in this moms eyes, it reminds me of that time. I added a clock to represent the countless hours we spend in watch care over our children. ‘A Mother’s Hope’ is available in my etsy shop, www.thebagladysart.etsy.com