New Workshop! and more…

I have just opened my latest workshop for registration! Many of you have asked for a class on ‘faces’. I spent some time thinking about how I could do a class that would give you the techniques and tools and still allow for each person to develop a face that was truly their own. This workshop is designed to guide you on a journey in your Art Journal that will be about more than just creating a lovely face. I will encourage working in your journal for this workshop, but these techniques can be applied to canvas as well. As with my other workshops, they are open, so there is no ending date. You work at your own pace and have unlimited access to class videos and materials. If you are interested in finding out more, click on the button and it will take you to Creative Workshops.

Class Description:

Journal your way to a self portrait that reflects your true self. During this 6 week course you will work in the comfort and safety of your own Art Journal. This will be an exploration of our own self and the face that we see in the mirror each morning as we dig deep to find what lies behind the face that we show to the world. Your face may not even look like you, but it will be representative of the inner you. I will show you the techniques I use in my portraits and guide you towards creating a face that is uniquely yours.
Week 1~Facing the Facts – Sketching basics, learning how to draw a face and where everything is supposed to go.

Week 2~Who Am I? – Backgrounds that speak of you

Week 3~Take a Look in the Mirror – Learning how to make it your face

Week 4~Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin – Learn the painting and shading techniques that I use in my portraits

Week 5~It’s the Little Things That Matter Most – All the details that bring your face to life

Week 6~Shout Out Loud or whisper really soft – Using your portrait to express your voice


Oh, the mail just came as I was writing this post and two surprises were in the box! First, my friend Bevie Sams sent me this lovely ATC! It is beautiful sweetie! What a nice spring surprise!

And the latest issue of The Stampers’ Sampler arrived with a feature in the ‘Deconstructed Stamping’ department! It features step by step pictures and some instruction for creating a journal page that can be found on pages, 38-40.

My New Baby Moleskine

I went and got a little 3 1/2 x 5 1/2, baby Moleskine journal. It’s so cute! I wanted something small to carry around in my purse that would be mainly for writing and sketching.
I really love having different sizes to work in, and also different papers. I still love the Watercolor Field Notebooks for good old messy, painty journaling, but love the smooth, heavy sketch paper in the Moleskines.
I think it’s important to vary the size of page you work on. It helps to stretch that creative muscle, which is what journaling is all about.
I was so loving the warm sunshine today. I even got to play in the dirt a little bit! My phlox already have some blooms, so I know Spring is truly on it’s way.
This week I am finishing up the videos for the Shades of Grey Workshop. I hope to see many of you joining me on this new adventure! I just ordered the BIG Pitt Artist Brush Pens, in the warm greys, can’t wait till they get here!