Sisterhood of the Traveling Canvas

Well I mugged the mail lady today and finally got my copy of the latest Somerset Studio. She asked how I knew the magazine was coming so I showed her the article and she ended up staying to chat for several minutes:-) It is good to be friends with the mail lady!
I am saving this to read on a plane tomorrow (if all goes well) but on my first run through I was excited to see several friends in addition to the sisters of the traveling canvas. Chrysti Hydeck has the most wonderful artist papers as the free gift inside, gorgeous as well as sharing her technique for making them! Lorraine Reynolds has two amazing assemblages that jumped right out at me.
And then there’s the ‘Sisterhood’. Eight women who came together on the Etsy forums to form the bonds of friends and sisters. Sharing techniques, giving advice, sharing the joys and sorrows of everyday life. Our own little community supporting each other in the way that only another artist can.
When I first had the idea of doing the Sisterhood of the Traveling Canvas, I had a much different vision of what it would be. I realize now that it is what it was meant to be all along. It was the best experience, creating and letting go and watching it develop into it’s final state. Thank you sisters for sharing this experience with me and for all of the other day to day sharing that takes place in our little world.

Day 27, feelings of friendship

I am continually amazed by the bonds of friendship that form online between artists. People who have never met in real life, but connect through their common interest in art. For my ‘feelings’ page I have journaled about one such friendship, while working out some details in my mind about an art swap the two of us are doing. Journals are a great way to work things out, make notes, and find inspiration for a project. I used my water soluble crayon with matte medium for this one. Thank you Sharon for that tip:-)

29 Days of Giving

What an honor and what fun to participate in Chrysti Hydeck’s 29 days of Giving! You simply must go and check out her blog daily. She is interviewing artists and each artist is giving something away for 29 days! Chrysti is one of those super talented women who is inspiring in her work and life. I am so looking forward to meeting her at this years ZNE Convenzione as she will be teaching a workshop and I will be doing a little make and take.
And what was my contribution? Well I am giving away Two prints of your choice from my etsy shop, and a FREE entrance to my January workshop, Visual Journalism 101. So hop over and enter, if you have already signed up for class, I will refund your fee in full should you win:-)