Those Little Extra Special Touches

As you may have notice, I am working on adding a custom signature to my blog posts. I have finally decided on one and am really excited to add this little extra special touch. So much to learn in this world of blog land, but having blogged for about a year now, I have become addicted. It is so fun to meet new people, see their work, and keep in touch on a regular basis. It connects us and makes this big old world a much smaller, friendlier place. If you like blogging, leave a comment, I try to get back to all of you who do. Blog on!
Michelle from Laycock Designs helped me to create my new siggy, check her out at

My New Banner created by Gail Schmidt

I am so excited about my lovely new banner that was created by my friend and fellow ZNE Design Team member, Gail Schmidt! She if phenomenal, and if any of you are looking to update your look, I would check out her blog .
She is such a pleasure to work with and so talented! This banner is one that we worked on together, incorporating my own artwork, and she let me have as much input as I wanted, which makes it so nice for those of us who are technophobes about such things. She is also working on my business card and a beautiful postcard to include that I can include with purchases from my etsy shop, .

See It, Say It Saturday at ZNE

This piece of my artwork is posted on ZNE’s Blog for this weeks See It, Say It feature. They post a piece of work each Saturday and then people can post the picture on their blog and say how it makes them feel. This was done in Karyn Gartel’s Softly Spoken Online Workshop. What a fun class! I met some GREAT people there, and you can go to class in your jammies!! It doesn’t get much better than that! I thought I would post what this piece makes me feel…
I think she looks a tad sad, maybe sympathetic to someone elses pain, and she is encouraging us to remember to dance through our trials. We should always wear our dancing shoes!
I hope you dance in 2008!