Tax Day, I filed an extension…

Ok, I am so behind, just plain old a lot going on right now. I know you can relate. So, our tax guy and my D.H. can never get together because D.H. is flying all the time so we can make more money so we can pay more to the government, LOL! Note my son’s drawing of daddy’s airplane. It’s not really funny, but the point is we filed an extension to relieve some stress. I also noticed a couple of days ago that I had reached another blog milestone of 30,000 hits since I installed my counter and had planned to do a giveaway, but I just did a giveaway to 7 people on facebook, so I’m going to do a sale instead. I filed an extension on that too:-) So today, tax day and extending it to tomorrow at 5:00pm I will give not one, but all of you, my blog readers 50% off of ANYthing in my shop! One item discount per person and the discount will be credited back to your paypal account after the item is purchased. Fun huh? I’m not advertising this in my shop, it is for my blog readers, to show how much I appreciate you all.

Tag, Your It!

Ok, better late than never, right? Susan Tidwell, a fellow ZNE Design Team member, has tagged me! I am now going to share 4 little know facts about me, I know you can’t stand the suspense-LOL! Ok, here goes…

1.) Laurie Blau-Marshall and I shared a locker in high school and we decorated it (yes, even waaaaay back then) in rainbows. Awwww, how cute is that?

2.) I have lived in Washington, California, and Missouri, and never felt an earthquake, never seen a tornado, but did see a volcano (MT St. Helens) erupt.

3) I am a compulsive vacuumer. My husband says I wear them out before their time-lol!

4.)My first “artistic” experience that I remember was drawing purple polka-dots on my bedroom wall. Mom was NOT happy:-)

Now I will tag Laurie Blau-Marshall, Suzan Buckner, Michelle Dobell, and Sherry Smyth! Oh, yeah the pic is my salute to the 80’s after reading a post on Sherry’s blog-lol! Hubby and I go retro on a cruise:-) I hope they let us back on the ship because we get to set sail again in a couple of weeks-woo-hoo!

10,000 Hits, Time To Say Thank You!

Wow, that was so fun to see the meter reach 10,000 hits! I actually missed seeing the actual number, I went to bed a few shy and got up and it was over. This whole blogging community is so wonderful. I started this out of neccessity, or so I thought, only to find a warm, ever widening, circle of friends. You are all so inspiring. It is so encouraging to visit each other and see what is going on in everyone’s life, and to watch each other grow as artists.

To thank you, I would love to give one of you these two new 8×10 prints! The originals were purchased by a gallery, but I just loved them, so I printed out only one set in 8×10 size. Just leave a little note on this post and next Wednesday I will draw one of your names. Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving little notes that are so encouraging to me
Feel free to post these images on your blog to let your friends know about the giveaway. I love to go and visit, so I will come to everyone who signs up and say ‘hi’! Get the coffee cups out!

A Little Peek At My WIP

Here is a little peek at my latest Work In Progress. I worked on the shading of her face, a bit on her eyes, and her hair. It’s so much fun to share pictures of the journey each piece takes as it comes to life. I love to look at WIP’s on other peoples blogs and want to share a bit about my studio life with my blogging friends. Thank you so much for all of your comments, they make my day and inspire me to keep creating.

The Red Carpet

I have received three blogging awards in the past couple of weeks. I want to give a huge thank you to those who passed the torch to me. I feel like I got to walk down the red carpet-lol! So, because time is limited in the summer, I have decided to feature one artist that shared an award at a time, passing the award to another artist. I will try to do this every few days, so check back to see some very inspiring artists and bring a cup of coffee with you!