Brand New Online Workshop!!!

I’m so excited to finally be able to share my latest venture with you all! I’m teaching a brand new online workshop through Jeanne Oliver’s amazing website! I will be sharing a variety of my very favorite self portrait studies and techniques that culminate in creating personal art journal page spreads. From Selfie to Self Portrait I will guide you along a journey of discovering you through portraits.

AND to kick things off, I’m offering  a FREE spot to someone I’ll pick from the comments on this post!!!! I’ll choose a winner a week from today and post it on my blog so be sure to leave a comment and check back next Friday to see if the winner is you!!!!!

Day 28, Still at it!

I’ve been working in my moleskine sketchbook, testing different mediums to see what it will hold up to. The pages on the left were done using water soluble crayon and Matte Gel Medium and the ones on the right were done just with colored pencil. Both work great and none of the Pitt Pen bled through the page at all. Love the smoothness of the pages, a really lovely feel to these favored journals. I had to fuzz out a bit of the writing, but wanted to share my newest journal with you. What did you journal about today?

Day 26, Feelings

The page pretty much says it all. I used my big girl crayons (Caran d’ache) for this. I tried using Golden’s liquid glazing medium with the crayon instead of water. This worked like a charm, enabling me to blend the colors, giving me ample work time, and they are fixed to the page, so no need for a spray fixative. I just ordered the BIG set of crayons and can’t wait for them to get here! Very fun toys for journaling.

Day 23~ Favorite Artist

This was so much fun and was over way too soon. I knew from the moment I read this weeks challenges who my pick for favorite artist would be. Now, mind you I have a whole list of inspiring artists that are out there right now, Misty Mawn of course being one of them, but for this challenge I wanted to go back further. I have loved this work of Amedeo Modiliani, ‘Portrait of a Woman in a Large Hat’ for a long time. I have often thought to replicate it as an inspiration page in my journal, but have never gotten around to it until now. I love the warm skin tones he achieved and those amazing blue eyes that aren’t really eyes at all. Graceful, long neck, and features, and the hand, I love adding a hand to my work. So representative of all women do. It seems that art is inspired by those who have gone before us and the visual images we are exposed to everyday. Look around you and be inspired.