Angel In Disguise

Wow, it’s Friday already! Where did this week go? I have been furiously busy working to complete several projects before we leave. I also added a new project to my list, that I am very excited about. I will share more about that later:-)
My care package for my soldier son is ready to go to the post office. Yesterday I made 8, yes EIGHT, loaves of pumpkin bread, and then got a wild hair to make rolls from scratch! What was I thinking? But I am enjoying a piece of that pumpkin bread right now while I write, and it’s nice to know that the extra rolls are in the freezer, ready to be pulled out for a future dinner.
My latest piece is called ‘Angel In Disguise’. So many times angels come to us disguised as friends or family or even strangers. So keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for them! You wouldn’t want to miss seeing them:-)

10,000 Hits, Time To Say Thank You!

Wow, that was so fun to see the meter reach 10,000 hits! I actually missed seeing the actual number, I went to bed a few shy and got up and it was over. This whole blogging community is so wonderful. I started this out of neccessity, or so I thought, only to find a warm, ever widening, circle of friends. You are all so inspiring. It is so encouraging to visit each other and see what is going on in everyone’s life, and to watch each other grow as artists.

To thank you, I would love to give one of you these two new 8×10 prints! The originals were purchased by a gallery, but I just loved them, so I printed out only one set in 8×10 size. Just leave a little note on this post and next Wednesday I will draw one of your names. Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving little notes that are so encouraging to me
Feel free to post these images on your blog to let your friends know about the giveaway. I love to go and visit, so I will come to everyone who signs up and say ‘hi’! Get the coffee cups out!

The Trouble With Angels

I know I am showing my age, but does anyone remember a movie
called “The Trouble With Angels”? It starred Hailey Mills and was about two girls in a Catholic school that got into all sorts of trouble and then one becomes a nun at the end. I just remembered it when I sat down to update my latest WIP and was trying to come up with a title. The only trouble I’m having with this angel is trying to get time to work on her-lol! We are making food and packing to leave as soon as the kids get home from school. Going to the lake for the holiday weekend.
As you can see on my update pics, I’ve add her face, and some details to the background, wings, shading, etc. I’m trying really hard to keep the colors light. I tend to finish things off, and I want to have a ‘cloudy’ look to the dress and background. I probably won’t get back to work on her until Tuesday, I just hate leaving when I’m in the middle of something, but that’s the way it has to be.
Hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Enjoy the last bits of summer!!

Angel Work In Progress

I am posting a couple of pics of my latest WIP. This piece is 12×24, and I am loving working on a different sized canvas. Because of the size, I find I have to stand to do some of the painting. It is amazing how just that difference frees up your brushstrokes. No wonder the kids I used to teach all wanted their time at the easels! So much of the time my work is smaller and I am sitting hunched over it. What a mood lifter to stand in front of it and use my whole arm while brushing the paint on. I kept thinking of a line from the movie ‘The Money Pit’ when the composer tells the painter, ‘Smooth strokes, up and down. Paint, don’t tickle.” I would encourage you to step out of your box, and try a different size work than you are used to. Stretch or shrink into it and allow your creativity to take control.

A Peek At My Journal

I wanted to share a few pages from my latest journal. The first two are off at Somerset. It was hard to let them go. I started my third journal this summer. I splurged for this one, buying a lovely book with hand torn watercolor paper. I love the feel of the pages, sturdy without being stiff. The paper holds up to all I can dish out. I will share my first pages. It was intimidating to start in this lovely book. What is it about a blank page that is so scary? And this blank page was more expensive and therefore more scary! I figured I’d just plunge right in and I was happy with how it turned out. I wanted to depict a world as Pam would like it to be. Full of possibilities and discovery. As I move along in my journal I am reading a book called ‘Journal Revolution’ by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino I am working on some exercises to help free up my creativity. I will share more on that later. If you don’t keep a journal , I would like to encourage you to start. So many good ideas come from it’s pages. It is a piece of me and a way to create even when I am away from my studio.