I’ve been absent from the art community for awhile. There are several reasons for this, most important was the loss of my dad followed by my step mom three months later. To say 2020 was a hard year would be an understatement on so many levels. I know loss was a part of many if not all to some degree.

I have felt a bit lost and had no motivation or inspiration to create so after taking care of my parents affairs with my siblings, I have focused on working on updating our home. Using some of my dads tools I recently finished updating 3 of the bathrooms 1970’s cupboards. This made me feel close to my dad as it was something a bit out of my comfort zone and I had many conversations in my head with him as I worked.

This is what the cabinets looked like before, check out the ‘groovy groove’. I had changed out the hardware which helped but I really hated that groove lol.

I also didn’t like the shiny paint so I added filled the groove, added the shaker style trim and painted them with an eggshell finish paint. Some new hardware and instant love!

The powder room

The third bathroom I painted the cupboards black. Really love them. We still want to tile the showers and replace the cultured marble vanity tops but we are going to put that off until Fall. We have another very big project on the books that I’ll share later.

As I navigated my way through life without my parents here, I feel especially connected to my dad when I’m working on house projects. He taught me many things using his tools to work with is very healing for me. So while my artwork has been on a back burner for now, I am loving being creative in different ways.

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