Doctor of the Plague

Doctor of the Plague


Being shut in along with everyone else during this crazy time, reminded me of some stencils I created awhile back. At the time I created these Doctor of the Plague stencils I honestly loved them for their simple imagery and thought they were ‘pretty’. Now as we enter a time where we will likely see a lot of people wearing masks as we emerge from isolation, they take on a new meaning. I just wanted to share them with you and hope you are all doing well and hopefully being creative during this time.


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  1. Pam, I remember when these first came out and thought of Phantom of the Opera. I’m so glad you highlighted them today. One of my girlfriends is making cloth masks for her family and friends. I’ll create a thank you card for my mask using your stencils. Again, you’ve put a huge smile on my face. I truly appreciate you, Pam.

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