It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted here. My blog has been sorely neglected and I’m really hoping to rectify that in 2020. I have some exciting things coming later in the year so be sure to follow my blog to keep in the loop! I love the old windows above the drawers in my studio because they remind me to do something creative every day. So whether it’s art or knitting or home improvements or just cooking a new recipe, I do strive to be creative every day and I hope to encourage you to do the same!

xo, Pam

-Art at the Speed of Life

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  1. Beautiful Studio Pam! I’m looking forward (very excited!) to your class May 12th ‘The Working Art Journal’! Love you art!

  2. Hi Pam!
    Crazy I got an email as I was just thinking of you….!
    I was using your color wheel stencil and stamps which are so well loved….
    Hope all is good and well with you!
    Ps this is my 9th year at art unraveled; Seth is coming this year again; wahooo!

  3. Good to see you back again! I had to smile when I saw your picture….I have a really similar set of drawers like that (originally from a hardware store) for my art supplies.

  4. Gosh Pam! I’m so relieved to hear you’re here! You’ve been in my thoughts frequently. I’ll start following your blog! I’ve missed you…

  5. Happy February, Pam! I love the studio window wall. After several years of grief and life changes and adjustments, I am finally feeling ready to restore my curious and creative soul. Small steps and no judgments are whats working for me. Earlier today, I came across a folder of faces I worked on in one of your classes. Joy filled my heart and my face as I thought about that time in my life. I want that again – so I too will do something creative everyday. You always know just the right moment to pop into my inbox. Blessing to you, my friend. With a soft hug – Lorna.

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