Fingerless Mitt Challenge

Most of you know I’m pretty addicted to knitting lol. Well I just finished a really fun and a bit of a challenge pattern for these Pieces of Eight Mitts. The first pair came out ok, but I ran into a glitch so being me I had to give it another go. The first pair was knitted in KnitPicks Felici, Lost Lakes color. For the second pair I used Poems Sock yarn in Sky and Earth color and because of the nature of the yarn each mitt turned out a little different which I love. They are knitted from the thumb out so if you want a little challenge try these cool mitts!

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  1. OMGosh! I saw these fingerless mittens and immediately forwarded them to a friend who is a fast and furious knitter. She made me a couple of pairs a few years back for the arthritis in my hands and wrists. I use them all the time. She sells her “artistic” knit wear & artwork in a small Gallery and they sell like hot cakes. Its so nice to see such a delicious pattern and the colors are gorgeous.

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