I woke up this morning and sat listening to the news over my coffee. Needless to say with all that’s been going on it left me feeling very sad at the state our country is in right now. For some reason this simple journal lesson popped into my head. It’s from my online art journaling class back in 2010 called Journal 365. I thought I’d share it with you as I’m revisiting it today. It’s so simple and it seems very cathartic to me right now to create something simple to represent how I feel right now.FullSizeRender

Todays page spread using newspaper article text from some of the awful things that have been happening. It feels good to cover them with journaling and paint.

FullSizeRender copy

There is also a video at the end, remember that this is from 2010:-)


Step 1

CCF03122010_00000Choose an image or word or one of each. Using Matte Gel Medium (or other collage adhesive such as my Mixed Media Adhesive) glue image onto the page.

Note: I used a word ‘purpose’ and a scrap of vintage paper and saved my image to glue on top at the end.

Apply a wash of paint (I used Golden’s Liquid Nichol Azo Gold and Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide mixed with Acrylic Glazing Medium and water in a dauber bottle, you can find the recipe on my website and the link for the bottles on the link page) or you can use my Fluid Matte Sheer acrylic paint in Goldenrod as is, to the outside edges of the collaged material forming a frame of sorts.


Step 2


With a white pen (I used a Unibal Signo White Gel Pen) write around the painted portion. Using a graphite pencil write more around the outside edges. Use this step to spill your guts on the page. It will get covered up to any degree you wish and it’s such a wonderful release to journal freely like this.

Step 3


This is an easy step that has a great impact on the finished page.

Use a charcoal pencil to shade around parts of your image and smudge it out using a blending stump. Next, take the same blending stump and smudge out bits of your graphite pencil journaling. You’ll get a touch of charcoal blending in with the pencil.

Step 4


Add a wash (fluid acrylic paint mixed with water in about a 1/2 ratio) or you can use my Fluid Matte Sheer acrylic paint, White Washed, as is, to the whole page. Use a rag or paper towel to wipe some of it off so it doesn’t completely cover your image and journaling. If you want to cover more of your journaling you may want to add more to certain areas after the first layer dries. This unifies the page, blending the elements together.

Step 5


Re-introduce the color you used around your image in step one to other areas of your page and blend with a baby wipe or damp rag. Add a third color (I used cobalt teal, or you can use my Fluid Matte Sheer acrylic paint in Turquoise) here and there on the page and blend in the same way. I just used hints of color so that my page would be mostly white.

Step 6


Add your focal point (I used a butterfly) to really draw the eye to one place on your page. The word ‘Purpose’ is what I chose. To set the image into the page I added some additional cobalt teal paint around it and blended it out. Just a hint of color ties the image to the page instead of it just sitting on top. It’s the little subtle things like this that help to finish off a page.
Here is the video from the workshop

Here are the finished pages demoed in the video

Of One Mind Quest for Truth

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  1. Dear Pam–I searched on your web site and I can’t find the recipe. I would dearly love to try your paints, but I’m on a low budget at the moment (trying to buy a house, eek). Would you post it once again, or send me a link? Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing. your post today came absolutely in time. You got me to make an art journal page I had in my head for a few days now, but did not know how to start.
    To me too you are an inspiration! Thank you – Irma

  3. Thank you Pam this is just what I needed to get inspired again. It has been such a sad time and I do not know what to do but I will start again. Thank you.


  4. Hi Pam,

    Some of the best and most helpful times I spend are with you – watching you create a page, or a book, or a piece of art (on DVD or YouTube). I learn so much from you in so many little ways. Today you touched me as you showed by example how to journal the dark feelings of life and yet leave a light and open heart on your page, providing hope that the world will be better.

    I took the time to watch your 2010 video and you had me chuckling and down right laughing at the licked finger comment and over-writing. You are the most naturally authentic artist I have had the pleasure of meeting. I don’t know if I have the words to thank you for so generously sharing your process. Not just mean the technical pieces, but the heart piece – why you do something the way you do it; how you feel about your choices and thought process; and even how often you can go back in to add details, refine the focus, and blend more color. I treasure you as a human being, as well as an artist.

    The world cannot be so challenging to our lives when we know that there are many more people who share grace and kindness, love and healing, art and heart with us. I have been blessed to hear from many folks in the art world who are hurting and struggling with the darkness in people, places and actions. Yet today I found you sharing a lightness and calm and brightness – not to hide the hurt, but to allow it out and acknowledge it while creating hope to follow.

    I love you, Pam, and pray that you continue to lighten this earth with ways to allow our emotions to be felt and heard and seen through your art, teaching, and inspiration. The think the ripples of goodness far outlast the floods of disasters.

    Be at peace. Lorna

    • Dear sweet Lorna,

      You are always such a lovely being! Thank you so very much for these words. There are many times when the doubt about sharing comes into play and I usually push it aside and go ahead even when I may not really feel like it inside. Words like yours make my heart smile and make me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile and appreciated. Thank you so much love:-)

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