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A little sneak peek at some of what I’ll be teaching August 1-2 at Donna Downey’s Studio in Charlotte, NC. Because I have reduced my 2015 teaching schedule, this is the ONLY workshop I’m teaching this summer and the ONLY portrait workshop I’m teaching this year! My only other upcoming 2015 workshop is now full so if you are interested I hope you’ll consider joining me for a all inclusive, fun and inspiring weekend!


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  1. Dear Pam,

    I can’t tell you how much I would love taking this Portraits class with you in August. Being in your presence is always an uplifting and creative experience. I will be spending this summer sketching the many faces and phases of my Mom as she travels on the Hospice path. She’s 99, full of character, and has some of the softest moments I’ve ever seen in a face. Her blueberry eyes are still full of life, but appear sunken at times and far away at others. It will be an honor to map her face as she makes her final journey. Thank you for sharing your artistic gifts with me throughout the last few years. You have opened my eyes, sharpened my stabilo pencils, and allowed me to learn from you with confidence and joy.

    Hugs and happy teaching,

    P.S. Your video for the class is spectacular!

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