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Joanne’s book is at a glance full of eye catching beauty, but as one digs deeper and begins to read, you see how gifted a teacher she is as well as being an uber talented artist. She guides, encourages, and instructs in a way that allows you to experience your own personal growth as you go through the lessons. This is not a ‘copy Joanne’s lettering style’ type of book, but rather instruction and motivation to discover your own personal style of lettering and isn’t that what true artists want? To find their own artistic voice.

The book has loads of inspiration and instruction and I myself am greatly motivated to embrace my own handwriting (not pretty!) and see where these exercises can take me.

Joanne has hit the ball out of the park with this book and it’s a must have for any artists library.

And to celebrate this awesome new book, I’m going to GIVE AWAY a copy of it to one of the lucky people who leave a comment on this post!!!! I’ll draw a name on Wednesday, noon Central Time.

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  1. Fairly new to all this and I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s work! So inspiring….would love to receive this book to “play” and create new ways if lettering!

  2. Wow, what a great book! I would love to win thus and add another level to my artwork!

    Thank you for the drawing!

  3. The book looks like a great way to learn to add another layer to artwork or journaling! thanks for the chance~

  4. Pam what a wonderful review of Joannes book, and an unselfish way for you to give Kudos to a talented colleague! I love Joannes work and yours and would love to recieve this book!

  5. I will be taking Joanne’s class at Create NJ this summer and can’t wait. I’d love a peek at her book before then – to get even more inspired.~ thanks!

  6. Very nice review of the artist and her book. I agree she is special kind of teacher. I took her Letter Love class and I’m guessing the book is just as inspiring. Thanks for a chance to win!

  7. Wow, can’t wait to see this book in the bookstore. It sure promises to be exiting. Whimsical lettering has a place in the lettering hierarchy – especially for cards and books for kids and funny quotes. I hope I am the lucky one! Thanks for writing this book. Kind regards. Estelle Conradie

  8. This looks like a GREAT book!! And I could certainly use some creative help with my lettering. Thanks so much for your generosity and your giving spirit….

  9. This book looks super…I can always use a chance to work on the handwriting/lettering! It would be very interesting to learn how to develop one’s own style. Thanks for the chance to win this.

    Pat Beaty

  10. I’ve taken several online classes and would love to have a gander at this book! Thanks for your inspiration and generosity!!

  11. I admire JoAnne’s work and would love to learn more of lettering, especially in a whimsical style. Yes, I’ll take a chance to win this great book! Thank you. Cheers-Darlene

  12. I learned so much from Joanne’s DVD. I can’t wait to play with her book. The most amazing thing she teaches is to appreciate and play with your own handwriting. One of the most artist tools you have. Thanks Joanne!

  13. Thanks for the opportunity to win Joanne’s book. You and Joanne are both “superstars” in the art journaling world. You have so many fans! It took me awhile to scroll thru this list of comments from all of your readers who are inspired by you!

  14. I am learning to have confidence in my creating. This book will help me with adding letting to my creative endeavors. I enjoy quilting, stamping, fiber arts and other arts. Learning to do my own lettering will be a great asset.

  15. Have taken several of Joanne’s classes, and would love to have her book! Thanks for the chance to win! (

  16. this looks like a very inspirational book and would get me kick started on lettering – thanks for the chance to win xoxo

  17. Thank you for the giveaway Pam. as a lefty, I need all the help I can get with lettering. Teachers whacking my hands with the ruler certainly didn’t help the cause

  18. What a wonderful gift, Pam! Thank you! I love the concept of embracing what is unique and special about one’s own handwriting and making it even more beautiful. It’s like letting your inner beauty show through your writing!

  19. Thank you for your generous gift! I would LOVE to win this. Some lucky person will!! : )

  20. I love Joanne’s style and often thought about purchasing this book. It would be awesome to win. I love my books I have from you Pam!

  21. I LOVE Joanne, and have taken some of her classes both in person and online. This would be treasured among the art books on my shelf!!

  22. So incredibly rich in techniques which I would love to be able to do them as she does it.
    I always practice my writing fonts but I could use more for better quality writting.
    Thanks for offering this.

  23. I would really love to win Joanne’s book. I need to add more words to my art and I struggle with it.thank you for this opportunity.

  24. This looks like a fun book. I don’t like my writing either and would benefit from learning more creative ways to write on my art projects. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  25. this is a cool book. I did order it from Interweave and it got lost and never arrived. Will be ordering it next week from an Australian stockist. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book as my lettering and journal writing needs some serious help. Good luck to all. xo.

  26. Lettering, gah, not my best part of artwork. I’ve watched some of her Youtube videos. Makes it look so easy. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  27. Totally in love with Joanna Sharpe’s love for lettering…. i have enjoyed a couple of her workshops and I find her so inspiring and amazing…. the way she creates a piece of awesome art with letters and composition is amazing..I have tried to follow her style, as directed by my muse of course 🙂 and well, manage to compose some Haiku’s, which is my latest passion, one of them anyways… so thanks Joanna Sharpe for sharing your amazing talent…..
    Of course Pam , you are also in a class of your own, joined you in art journaling fast and easy…and the way you inspire, to me,is incredible….. and i found your whole way of sharing and the sound of your voice so relaxing and interesting…. well, I am in deep gratitude for having come across both of you people…. thank you once again… 😀

  28. I love the book and JoAnn. Fun and instructive. This is a great book for beginners and experts!

  29. Hi Dear Pam,

    Nice this free give away!
    This book seems very helpfull.
    I love your work it is really inspiring to me.

    Kind regards from The Netherlands !

    • Hi Claudia, I hope you can see this. If you are the same Claudia that has been trying to get in touch with stampington, your email being returned undelivered and no one can contact you. Please call us.

  30. Would really, really like a copy of this. I’ve had to quit buying books for awhile, but this one has really tempted me. While I like her on-line classes, I really prefer having a book to follow instead.

  31. Hi Pam… I would love an opportunity to win this book. A Work of Heart in San Jose, CA is doing a book club on this book. I would love to join them!

  32. I took class with Joanne at Create last year and she was phenomenal. I would love to win this book.

  33. Thanks for the opportunity! Would love to win this wonderful book since lettering is one of my weaker skills.

  34. What a wonderful review of Joanne’s book! And what a gift to offer a copy to one of your blog followers!! (I would be thrilled to be the lucky winner! : )

  35. Great giveaway! I have followed Joanne Sharpe for some time – love her work! Would love to win this book to be able to add whimsical lettering to my whimsical faces!
    Thank you.

  36. I’ve had a few classes with Joanne – she is a dynamic teacher!!! Would love to have a copy if her new book!!! I’m trying to embrace my handwriting too – it’s one thing that people see and recognize as yours. Thanks!!!

  37. I’m new to this blog, so others’ inputs teach me as well. My dad was a commercial artist, and lettering signs was his sideline business. The sad part though is that he never taught me because I was a GIRL!!! I grew up with lettering all around me and didn’t have a clue where to start, so I feel like I’m cramming for a test now, trying to learn all I can. I took a class with Joanne and she’s amazing!

  38. Hi Pam…I am new to your blog….look forward to great inspiration. I have seen some of JoAnne Sharpes work and You Tube videos. I could sure use help in the lettering department (among other areas). It would be great to win her book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. What a lovely idea! I keep trying various things to improve my satisfaction with my handwriting but nothing has done the job yet–perhaps Ms. Sharpe’s instruction will be just the thing. I confess this has been lurking on my Amazon wish list for a little while now . . .

  40. Wow – I love lettering but I just realized that I only have one book on calligraphy. This would be a lovely book to reference lettering for my art journals I’m working on! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  41. I was lucky enough to take a class from Joanne last summer and she is a terrific teacher!! I have already purchased her book…I needed reinforcement! I would love to win a book to give to my sister as a surprise. She loves writing & art!

  42. wouldn’t it be wonderful if i could win your generous give away. There are so many quotes that deserve artistic lettering. Thank you for this chance!

  43. Pam, I have seen the book advertised and although I value Joanne’s art highly, I didn’t think it was for me. I have horrid handwriting but I’ve accepted it because it is what it is and a part of me. After reading your review I realized I really should expand my thinking! If I don’t receive it through your extremely generous offering, I will be heading out to purchase it. I love incorporating text and writing in my layers, why not make them pretty?
    Thanks for the info, you haven’t steered me wrong yet! ❤️

  44. Thank you for the chance to win this delightful book. I am new to art journaling so this looks like a fantastic book which will pave the way and help me find my unique voice that will make me stand out from the crowd.

  45. I could SO use help with my lettering. Winning a copy would be awesome. Thanks for the drawing. It’s nice of you to share.

  46. Hi Pam, thanks for the opportunity to win this whimsical lettering book. I have glimpsed through it several times and it is definitely a keeper.

  47. I would definitely love to learn how to do more lettering. I have my own style, but it is not polished. I could learn a lot from such a book. Thanks!

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