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To get better at anything you need to put in the time. People often ask how long it takes me to create some piece of art and the answer for drawing a face is 10-15 minutes plus 40 years. I’ve been drawing and playing with art since I was a child. I’m never ‘done’, never felt like I knew everything there was to know about creating art, and always want to keep moving forward. Even if I only have a few minutes here or there, there’s always time to do a quick little sketch. Most of my sketches are rough, not finished graphite masterpieces, but they provide a structure to make future artwork from, so it’s not only a great way to wind down at the end of the day, but a great beginning for another day.

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  1. I truly admire your discipline and sometimes wish you could bottle it. But I know I have to find discipline within myself. I try to do something art related every day. Doesn’t always happen but I keep trying.

  2. Pam you’re one of my” inspiration muse” and since I saw the lesson on interweave I tried to capture something from you, especially your knoledge about colours!! you’re great! Kisses from Italy and see you in other lessons ( unfortunately I’m not near you…sob!!)

  3. So true Pam..and aren’t you the one who keeps a sketchbook or paper in different spots in the house so you can capture quick sketches anytime? The sketches look great! You’ve always been good to put in the practice. I agree working every day makes the difference.

  4. Hi Pam,
    I just finished unpacking my boxes into my redone studio. I am fine tuning a few things today and then I can begin again, my daily practices. You are a wonderful inspiration and art friend. I have your crow where I can see it and remember our delightful time in Irvine!

  5. Loved the way you worded your experience, 15 minutes backed up by 40 years. A great weekend inspiration for myself. I think Iwill spend those last 15 minutes of each day drawing. Thanks, pam

  6. This is VERY GOOD ADVICE and a GREAT reminder that creating art is a process to teach our sub- conscious minds the ‘how to’s’. All of our doodles and sketching goes into our art mind vault and like a bank account, we can withDRAW them later. : )

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