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Sherri Scott says:
March 26, 2014 at 11:58 am Edit
Pam, it’s so good to hear from you! I know you have been busy sharing your skills with us

Congratulations Sherri!! If you can please email your mailing address to I’ll ship you your prizes!!

Thank you everyone for the lovely words you left and remember that you can still order the DVD

A Cut Above DVD Jacket 1.31.06 PM

 DVD Price is $30 plus your choice of shipping options

Click here to buy now!


Creating Art at the Speed of Life copyAlso you can find my book HERE.  Many have let me know that they are enjoying it and if you have I’d love it if you could take a minute and leave positive feedback on amazon-it’s always very appreciated:-)


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  1. All of us out here that go to Clipperstreet Scrapbooking Store in Langley B.C. were so excited out here in B.C. To hear that you were coming to Us in April 2014.
    I had spoken to you through FB that you were working on a date with Deanna and saw on your website that you were coming in April 2014 too.
    We started bugging Deanna about signing up Months before.
    Sadly, she said that you were not coming now, and wasn’t sure what happened as the dates were already booked with you in April.
    I do hope that you have gotten it straightened out and are still coming in April or very soon afterwards.
    Tons of us have been waiting to hear. Many of us already have your latest book, just waiting for your signature.
    Hope to hear soon,
    Judy Anderson
    Surrey, B. C.

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