What? A Post From Me? and a Giveaway?!!

Hi all you arty people! Wow, I am ashamed at how long ago my last post was!! I am excited as to why though-working hard on book number three!! I’m enjoying working with North Light Books and can’t wait to share all of the things I’ve been working so hard on with you. But that will have to wait until next year.

A Cut Above DVD Jacket 1.31.06 PM

So what can I share now? I’m going to share a new DVD of an online workshop I taught last year. If you weren’t able to take it then, now you can have all of the videos from that class and watch them anytime you want on this professionally produced DVD. Over 1 1/2 hours of instruction on one of my favorite art forms-Linoleum Block Carving.

Frida #2 Frida number three 859011_10151329014876843_1340080169_o

2nd image Pam Carriker.Chip Off the Old Block.Image2.jpg


And I’ll be giving away a FREE DVD to one of the people who comments on this post! On Friday, March 28th I’ll draw a name from the comments and send the winner the DVD. Please make sure you leave an email or contact info so I can get ahold of you.

Don’t want to wait? Well you can now order a copy of this DVD and it will be drop shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.

Choose your own shipping method. The DVD costs $30.00 and comes shrink wrapped in a full plastic DVD case.

Click here to buy now!


But wait…that’s not all!!! (infomercial voice-lol) I’ll also send the winner a signed copy of my new book, Creating Art at the Speed of Life!

Creating Art at the Speed of Life


But wait…that’s not all…the winner will also receive another DVD! Art Journaling Live-an day long workshop event with Traci Bautista, Dina Wakley, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and myself, produced by Cloth Paper Scissors.

14qm08 So now you can just leave your comment and be sure to check back on Friday, March 28th around 12:00pm CST to see if you’re the lucky winner!!

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  1. thanks for your comments and pictures it means a lot to me overseas, will log on now that i have heard from you.

  2. What a generous give away! I have both your books, stencils, stamps, etc and I truly connect with your style. I have seen such improvement in my creative process since following your guidance. Can’t wait for book #3 🙂

  3. Hi Pam –

    Really looking forward to your new book! WOW! I can’t get over all the giveaways you have – LOL! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Elaine Allen

  4. What a fabulous giveaway! Would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity. Right now I’m devouring all ideas / techniques about mixed media and loving every minute of it.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to win this! My love of doing mixed media art has been consuming, I wish it could be my full time job! It just makes me happy to sit at my art table any chance I can get. This is the next thing I have been wanting to try so learning it from you would be awesome!
    Thank you! Kathy

  6. Thanks Pam for this opportunity to win
    more of your great learning DVD and books. I ordered one of your DVDs last year and loved it.

  7. I loved your first book! and now would love to have your second book! You are an amazing woman. This is such a generous gift.

  8. I have been a fan for so long and have your previous books! Winning these dvds and a signed book would be greatly appreciated to add to my Pam Carriker library!

  9. Wow, this new DVD sounds great, I am very interested in lino cuts and would love to learn more about it. I really admire your work Pam, and think that this DVD would be a great one to own.

  10. Pam. So glad to see your new line of stamps out in the market place. I watched a downloaded DVD of yours yesterday and am a big fan. Hope I get lucky.

  11. Congratulations, Pam!
    So happy for your and all of your successes!!
    What an amazing giveaway! FIngers crossed! 🙂

  12. Pam, I know you want me to receive the DVD and other goodies. I heard about you from my daughter who told me you are just what I need to help me in my creative journey. Thanks for choosing me to receive your inspiring information.

  13. So excited to hear you have a new book coming out! Congrats!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a terrific prize~~~WooHoo!

  14. Pam, thanks for the opportunity to win your goodies. I have two of your books and have also watched several tutorials. I would love to own the dvd’s.

  15. since we had to cancel meeting you at charity wings art center i guess the next best thing to you being there and finally meeting you is to have this awesome prize package. thank you for your generosity and the chance to win these great prizes. wishing and hoping love you. xox

  16. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway – I love taking your online classes, they are so inspirational.

  17. Hi Pam,
    I love that you are working on a new book. Your always present your information in a gracious and easy to understand manner. Yesterday I spent time watching you create a journal page…such inspiration! I would love to add to my library.
    Stay well & happy, Lorna

  18. I love everything you create, you are such a huge inspiration to everyone!
    I can’t wait til you teach at Clipper Street in Canada!

  19. I have both of your books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Have always to learn lino carving, so would LOVE to win the DVD and the other goodies. You are a wonderful teacher…please don’t stop.

  20. Hi Pam. Well, I bought the “Art Journaling Live” CD AND your fabulous book, “Creating ART etc.” months ago….and must shout that I love working through your carefully taught lessons! My journal is looking terrific! My confidence has grown and I’m eager to continue…..only through lesson #16 so far. Keep writing those books, Pam, because you do have a gift for teaching. Thank you!

  21. Wow Pam, a third book?! Congrats to you! You’re so talented so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Would love to win your generous giveaway. Thanks much for the chance.

  22. So nice to hear from you; it’s been too long. But I know you’ve ben busy because I’ve been buying up your new stencils! Which are fabulous btw. This giveaway is so wonderful – I’d love to win! Many thanks for teaching me how to draw faces:) Hugs

  23. Oh Pam…You have no idea of how much this would mean to me! I’m so inspired by your art a nd there is no way I could afford to buy any of these products on my own!

  24. I have your book and always enjoy watching you create – you make art less scary to many – this is a wonderful giveaway!

  25. I would love to have the opportunity to receive a free instructional DVD from you.
    I watch you posting and your website. Such talent you are gifted with.

  26. I have your first book but haven’t been able to get the second yet. And two DVDs? Wow! Here’s hoping it’s me!

  27. Pam! it’s nice to see you back in the saddle! heehee- Must be the nice trip has refreshed you and your muse could not wait to play! Well, I am so happy you are back and would Love to win!!! Count me in – hugs

  28. I just got back into carving stamps after trying it once a long time ago. Could really use a lesson to learn the proper way to carve that soft material. Many years ago I carved linoleum and it is very different to work with so I’m making mistakes and getting rough edges. Don’t know if it’s me or the tools. I couldn’t find my old linoleum cutters so I bought a new set. Winning your DVD would really help me to improve my technique. Love the images you show in your blog.

  29. I just love your style. I was at the course in Charlotte with a friend of mine and you started the day out just grandly:-) Hope you will be coming back to Charlotte.

  30. All this goodness in one place. You know how to thrill a girl’s morning more than fresh coffee! Thanks so much! Love your books btw….

  31. Love love love your first ywo books and looking forward to the next one that is for sure! Had a blast meeting you and getting to learn from you in person at the Art Journal live event in Charlotte last year!

  32. So happy for you Pam and it would be an honor to be the winner of such a fun prize. Nice to have you back.

  33. Congratulations on book Number 3! What a generous giveaway. I have my fingers crossed, Linoleum Block Carving is a technique I really want to learn. Best of luck to everyone, but I really hope I win.

  34. thank you for this oppotunity for a give away. i already am in the possesion of your two books and i’d love to continue with you on stampcarving and more journaling!

  35. Dear Pam I’m from Italy but I know your work because I love your style and I bought all your books and lessons ! I’m very proud to have this opportunity and I hope to be lucky…anyway I’m happy to tell you! LOL

  36. Well, talk about a short walk down Memory Lane! I remember doing linoleum carving in 6th grade art class with my art teacher Mr. Shepherd. I was (as is still true today) overly ambitious and tried to do a large vase of flowers. That’s when I got a good lesson on negative space. That was 45 years ago!! Thanks for jogging my memory, Pam!

  37. Like everyone above, I am thrilled by the prospect of winning this prize. I attempted lino cutting long ago, practically ending my musical career with a quick slip of the blade. Obviously, there is much to learn about safely doing this wonderful art form.

  38. Oh Pam, this would be wonderful to win! Love your art and would love to win both dvd’s and you new book! What a giveaway!

  39. Such a generous giveaway! I’m excited about your new book. 🙂 “If” I don’t win, I’m going to have to buy the DVD. I love your stamps and would like to give carving my own a try.

  40. Dear Pam,

    Here a message from Claudia from the Netherlands.
    So nice and exiting to get this message from you.
    I am just starting Art Journaling for a short time and your Art work gives me such an inspiration.
    You are so very talented, but of course you and the rest of the world with creative peolpe already knows that.
    Nice that you give away al this great stuff with al this great material to learn your techniques.
    I wish you the very best….

  41. Love your art, stamps, stencils and books. Art Journaling Live is great too I learned so much. Hope you will be teaching in the Dallas area again soon.

  42. Wow, what a great offer Pam ! Don’t know how you find time for all of your creative endeavors. My ‘Pam’ collection looks forward to your new book and in the meantime would welcome the opportunity to improve my stamp carving techniques. Thank you for this great offer.

  43. That is AMAZING!!! So happy you are working on another book! Such an awesome artist! Thanks for taking care of us! 🙂

  44. WOW Pam, someone is going to be a very happy chappy. What a magnificent bundle for a giveaway. I really, really hope it is me

  45. So excited you are working on a new book–they are always so full of information and techniques. Can’t wait 🙂

  46. What a wonderful opportunity to win these DVDs. Thank you, Pam! I would love to learn how to carve out some of my very own stamps. Sounds like total fun!

  47. Thanks, Pam, for the possibility of possibly winning one of your DVDs. If I win it, I promise to get to work! Being on the internet takes a lot of time away from arting! 😉

  48. Wow, Pam, that’s a very generous prize! Doesn’t seem that there are many art opportunities in Springfield, MO these days…could surely use some inspiring DVDs…or, you could move back!!! Good luck with your new book, anxious to hear more about it!

  49. Thanks Pam for the opportunity to win these DVD’s! I would really love to create using the information you are offering here. Peace Ronda

  50. I have your first book, which I love. And I have your second book on my wish list right now. So to win a copy would be great, along with the DVD. That’s exciting! And best of all, you are working on a third book. Wow! I would love to win the giveaway and I thank you for your generosity. I am definitely a big fan of yours.

  51. Wow! A third book! I’d better get busy as I haven’t finished all the projects in the second one! Thanks for sharing your terrific creative ideas!

  52. Whatever you do, I know it eill be excellent. I’m still practicing the things we learned in Saluda and hoping you get to FL some day soon!

  53. Wow! Thanks so much for your generosity, and thank you in general for sharing all of your awesome art talent with the lowly art-wantabes of the world! Will be getting that DVD eventually either way, and looking forward to your next book!

  54. I have the toolsl but haven’t tried stamp carving yet . Too many irons in the fire. But you’ve inspired me to start.

  55. Wow – a three- fer! How nice! I love the book but would be happy to pass my current one off to someone else if I could get a signed copy!!! And it would be great to have the DVD for stamp carving – I do not remember as much as I should! Pick me, pick me!!!! Kristin

  56. Oh my stars, I would be so thrilled to win. This book is on my wish list. Getting this would be Christmas all over again!

  57. I love your art and style. I was hoping to get your books soon. I have stencils and stamps and saving for more.

  58. Whoop! Thanks for the opportunity to win 2 cool giveaways!!! P.s. I’m not sure I can wait a WHOLE year for book #3. I’ve enjoyed 1&2 immensely. 😉

  59. EEK! All of that for moi? Have been wanting the Art Live DVD and love how you carve your own stamps…need some instruction with that so I’d adore the chance to win. I always like to have your DVD’s and Books on my shelf of favorites and I so look forward to the next book. I thought that’s what you’ve been up to. Cheers.

  60. What a great idea…stamp carving… I have all the tools… now I need your video… How cool it would be to carve old photos of my family and stamp them in my art… This could be a belated birthday present….LOL… Thank for the opportunity.

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