Announcing My New Stencil Line!!!



I’m so excited to finally share my new line of stencils, a-nat-a-my  from StencilGirl with you!! These designs are right out of my sketch books and journal  pages and make a great start to Visual Journaling. Here are some pages I did with my new stencils and also a sneak peek at one more that will be added to the line shortly! 

DSC02038 DSC02035 DSC02036 DSC02034 DSC02033 DSC01996 stencil journal texture 2 pcarriker

If you’re going to be at CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) in Anaheim,  stop by on Sunday, January 12th from 10:00-11:00 at booth #401 F&W Media or booth #1224 R&M where I’ll be giving away signed copes of my new book and this brand new stencil design!




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  1. I see from your teaching schedule that there is a possibility that you will be coming to Clipper Street near Vancouver sometime in the near ( I hope ) future. Any news or idea when this might happen? I took an on-line course from you (sponsored by Strathmore) and it was wonderful.

  2. Kudos Pam. These are wonderful. I have two of your portrait stencils and I love them–feel like they are helping me so much. Hoping to put in a lot more practice with them. So excited to see you expand the stencils to the entire body and to see your art ever evolving!

  3. OMG Pam! I LOVE your new stencils (especially the nude woman one)! I do not belong to StencilGirl, how else can I purchase your new stencils? Who else will be carrying them, OR, will you be selling them direct??? I’d love to get my hands on the woman and the side portrait stencils.

    • You don’t have to belong to StencilGirl to purchase my stencils, it’s an online store you can shop at:-) The nude woman will be available after I’m back from CHA, probably next week sometime:-)

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