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Sizzix and Stencil Girl Products have teamed up! The next big thing since Artist Trading Cards!!!

Unlike Tags and ATC’s Artist trading blocks (ATB’s) allow you to create in 3-D! Why show only one side of your creativity when you can express yourself with multidimensional style? With Eileen Hull’s (soon to be released) Scoreboards Block dies you can showcase your creative side inside and out on an ATB! Check out The Artists on the Block website!

DSC02029 DSC02030

These are so unbelievably cool!!! I had so much fun creating an ‘Art Tool’ out of my block, with a focus on Color Theory. I used my Color Wheel Stencils and my ATC sized Face/Mask stencils to create a block based off of one of my workshops, “The Real hUe”.


On this side of the block I used my Journal Sense Vision 4×4 stencil and one of the Simple Color Wheel stencils. The fun thing here is the lines from the Vision stencil help link color combinations like, complementary, triad, split complementary, analogous and tetrads. Love it when things just happen to work like this!

DSC02024 DSC02025

On the inside of the box I put the Hue Tint Tone Shade color wheel to use and created mini one hue portraits using my ATC sized Face/Masks stencils.


And what would any Artist Trading Block need to finish it off but a signature block!



When you’re all done creating the whole thing folds up into a cute little cube. Really fun and I can’t wait until the die is available so I can make more!!

About the Hop

  • This is a progressive hop meaning that you will hop from blog to blog all in one day. From here you’ll visit  Carolyn Dube next.
  • There’s a giveaway on StencilGirl Talk consisting of SG product. All comments on the hop are eligible for the giveaway. The more blogs they comment on, the more chances they have to win. Feel free to tell your viewers this. GIveaway will close on Friday, December 13th at 11:59PM Central Time. If you decide you would like to also have a giveaway on your blog please let me know and I will advertise it along with our promotions.
  • HERE is the link to the Artist on the Block FB page and HERE is the link to the StencilGirl website.

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