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You may wonder why I’ve chosen this title for my workshop, I’d like to take a minute and explain the intent behind this class.


Several years ago, around 2006, I created my first mixed media face. I wish I had an image of it to share with you, but I still remember it. I was so proud that I’d made a recognizable face and I immediately moved on to create another, and another and so on. I’ve not grown tired of drawing and painting faces in the years since and that is largely because each face is a ‘new’ person to meet. Each with flaws, beauty, and personality.


I’d been teaching online courses in art journaling and was getting requests to do a face class so I thought long and hard about how and what I’d present in such a class. I didn’t want to do a ‘cookie cutter’ face workshop, where everyone’s faces looked the same, I wanted to do something more, something a little different, I wanted to present the tools and inspiration to start on a journey to finding a face that is unique. A self-portrait approach. This lead to my first workshop; Pursuing Portraits. In that workshop I taught basic rules for drawing and painting front view portraits using bits of ‘you’ added into the mix, all done in the comfort and safety of an art journal. (you can now find this workshop on DVD HERE)

Pursuing Portraits DVD Jacket

Pursuing is an action word, it implies that you are in the motion of going after something. It is a starting place, not a paint by number, learn it all in one class type of thing. I’m still Pursuing Portraits after all of these years. I’m not done. I still learn from each drawing. Yes, it’s easier now. I don’t have to think about where the facial features go, but I love the challenge of casting shadows, and angling the face a different way.


Still Pursuing Portraits is the continuation of my journey. I’m sharing an easy system for mapping faces that can be altered into your own style as you get comfortable with it. It’s a start, or jumpstart on drawing and painting faces. To improve you’ll need to practice as with anything else. I will warn that this is highly addictive! Some of the people from last years workshop are still meeting up daily in a private Facebook group they formed after this workshop!


This is a NO FEAR zone. We are learning and practicing here so my goal is to make it comfortable for you to share your works in progress. It’s very valuable to get input and encouragement from each other. For some these may be the first faces you’ve ever done, while others are in the midst of their pursuit and want to keep adding to their arsenal of techniques. Wherever you are coming from, we are working in the comfort and safety of our journals and whether you choose to share your journey in this group or not, I know you’ll see growth in your work if you put in the time.

Special things offered inside of the classroom:

15% off and FREE SHIPPING in the US on my Face Map Stencils (Stencil Girl Products) available in two sets just for this class!

A BRAND NEW video tutorial on using the Face Map Stencils to draw portraits, only available in class!

All of the workshop videos on DVD available only through the workshop at a very special price for attendees!

6 Weeks of instructor access, that means me! Any questions, help each and every day, personal critique if requested, guidance and encouragement are yours for 6 weeks.

PDF downloadable booklet handout of the classroom instruction, templates and more!

Prize drawings for class members and event drawings as well!


Registration is now open and class begins July 16th, I hope you’ll consider joining me for this last time offered encore presentation of Still Pursuing Portraits~


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