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I’m giving away ONE SPOT in my Encore Presentation of Still Pursuing Portraits!!! To enter your name simply leave a comment and share this post on Facebook or your blog or to a friend or anyway that works for you! If you are already signed up for class and win, you’ll get a full refund of your tuition!! For a look at a previous post with all the class info go HERE

DRAWING WILL TAKE PLACE WEDNESDAY, JULY 10TH at 12:00pm CST. You must leave a contact email or website to be eligible. 

Last years attendees had so much fun that many of them still talk portraits in a private Facebook group they started after class. I asked some of them to share their progress, thoughts, or journeys with you so you can see first hand how their work has evolved into their own personal styles and how they overcame the fear of drawing and painting faces through this workshop. What I love and strive for in teaching is to encourage people to find their own artistic voice. I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to teach a class on faces because I didn’t want to just teach how to do little carbon copies of my work, but rather to give the tools necessary to learn the how of drawing faces and encourage people to make them their own. You can see from the examples here that they did just that!

Student Work from Still Pursuing Portraits

vicki lee

work of  Vicki Lee

Here are eight postcards (of many) that I’ve sent to other artists in an exchange. I have Pam to thank for so expertly teaching me to draw faces. I wanted to say that, before taking your class, I had no clue how to draw or paint a portrait. Since your class, I have never looked back and continue to draw and paint portraits daily. I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and all well-placed features) for teaching me these skills. You are my drawing angel.

Cynthia Leary Stroo

work of Cynthia Leary-Stroo

I LOVE taking online art classes. Going to class at any hour of the day or night, wearing whatever you want to class, and sitting with your cat beside you, what’s not to like!
My art has grown by huge increments by taking these classes. While there are many teachers out there, one of my very favorite is Pam Carriker.
Her teaching skills are fantastic and she is a generous and big-hearted soul . I am proud to call her both teacher and friend.
I first encountered Pam , as a fellow classmate , in a collage class. When I heard that she was teaching online, I jumped at the chance…and have jumped several times since. I have learned in her background classes , her gray-scale class, but my favorite classes are her Portrait classes.
Pursuing Portraits and Still Pursuing Portraits are some of my favorites and by taking them, my portrait skills have moved forward.
My tips to those taking her Portrait class are to practice, practice, and practice some more. That repetition is where you will find your own style. And don’t judge your efforts ,just keep producing and with dedication to the art, you will be greatly rewarded.
A bonus of the Pursuing Portraits class was the genesis of a private Facebook group we formed with students from the class so that we could continue sharing our art work , our ideas, and keep our little community alive. We welcome future and current students of Pursuing Portraits to join us
Come visit my blog at

Christine Jermyn

work of Christine Jermyn

“Pam …… I just wanted to write and thank you for doing the Still Pursuing Portraits class. It was my first online class and although I was somewhat nervous initially, once I got started, I enjoyed it very much. The individuality of all the artists and their portraits and the feedback, both from you and from the group, made it a very positive experience.”

The most difficult thing for me was posting my first drawing as I was very apprehensive about sharing my work online. However, with the wonderful support and encouragement from Pam and the other group members, this quickly disappeared. Pam is a great teacher and the lessons were very clear and easy to follow. I learned so much in this workshop and it gave me the confidence to continue drawing portraits on my own. I also purchased the DVD which was very helpful for review, once the workshop was finished, as I continued with my own practice.

M Kristin Johnsen

work of M Kristin Johnsen

I’m one of those people who was told as a third grader that she couldn’t draw, so I stopped trying. So you can imagine my tenseness when Pam asked us to draw our own faces in Journal 365 a few years ago! Now she was wonderful about it all and had alternate solutions for those of us who were scared senseless – but encouraged us to take a chance. And with that kind of encouragement, how could I say no? Thing was, when I was done, my drawing wasn’t half bad. And new options for my art and art journaling opened up.

The Pursuing Portraits class came at a good and bad time for me last year. I was working very intensely in my day job, but because I was also located away from home, I had a lot of time to focus on my art when I wasn’t at work. And Pam and the group of participants became my new friends. Some Friday evenings when I was too tired to do much else, the virtual Pam would keep me company and encourage me to draw a face using her face map. And I could! I wanted to use more faces in my journal work, and with Pam’s ideas and prompting, I discovered new ways add them and my drawing got better through practice.

I still envy Pam the easiness with which she picks up a pencil and dashes out just a lovely face but I know that if I put the time into the work as she has, I could be doing the same thing. And I know this because of how much I’ve improved over the past two years. I purchased the videos of the class because for me, I need to see something over and over again and because of my schedule, I knew I would not always be able to do that during the scheduled class time. I still need Pam talking me through some of the places I where I struggle, and knowing that I can always return to the videos for reminders helps me be bold and try new things.

People come to this class for different reasons, and get out of it what they put in. I was not able to do as much during the class as I wanted due to job constraints on my time, but with the DVDs, I’m able to attend what I call my remedial class, so I can get the time in that my fellow travelers did while we worked together. I’m better than I used to be, and not as good as I want to be. But two years ago, I did not think I could draw a portrait. And now I can. – here it is now, she says hopefully:


work of Judy Miller-Check

I’d tell the new S.P.P. students to practice, practice, practice. I’ve borrowed sketching books, bought books, clipped good faces from magazines, and studied features on TV. I “reused” several of my portraits in a piece which will be published in fall. Thank You, Pam, and all of you wonderful artists in this group.

Anne O'Connor

work of Anne O’Connor

I like the way you present material in a step-by-step format that makes it possible for anyone to draw a face! You are a wonderful teacher – thanks.



work of Leslie Van Der Heide

Here is a picture of one I did in your class. I never dared to draw a face. I did’nt know how or where to start. I fished the internet for a good course. I found Pam’s video and decided to sign up.

The second picture is one I drew a few days ago. I am still learning and just love it.

I liked how Pam introduces other materials to use for colour.

And because it happens to all of us, this shows the growth from before viewing the video lessons in class

Judy Evans-Clements

Judy Evens-Clements 2

work of Judy Evans-Clements

First and second attempts – then I got derailed…..

Kelley Diener

work of Kelley Diener

visit her blog post HERE

Darlene Campbell

work of Darlene Campbell

I took my first class with Pam through Strathmore workshops. I was thrilled to take her Portrait class through Artful Gathering. The group experience was fun and memorable…enough that a facebook group (About Face) developed as a result. I felt as if Pam were sitting with me in my studio. I typically draw with ink then go right for the paints. I never sketch with pencil. I surprised myself that I could achieve this with a pencil and a blending stump. Pam’s “face mapping” is ingenious and the structure of what I learned has definately transferred to painting portraits for me. If you want to know what face mapping is you’ll have to take the class. Visit my blog to see my recent portraits with acrylic.

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  3. Wow Pam! How awesome it would be to win a spot in your workshop- my friend Darlene Campbell has bragged about your class since the day she took it! Please,count me in for a chance to win! “)

  4. Pam, I also am a friend of Vicki Lee, and watched her work on these one day in her kitchen. I have known her for some time and have never seen her more enthusiastic and confident in the process of working on her post cards, it just made me happy and I wanted to join in the fun. I would love to win a spot in your wonderful class and have as much joy as Vicki does.

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  6. Hi Pam, I’m Vicki Lee’s sister. She took your class last year and has been impressing us ever since! Even my fifteen year old granddaughter is excited about it. Hope I win!!

  7. About a year ago, I was a student in Still Pursuing Portraits with Pam Carriker. Pam taught me to draw portraits and since that time I have drawn at least one every day! You will love drawing with Pam!

  8. Wow, this looks interesting and I would love to be apart of your next online workshop, i am too: Still pursuing portraits 🙂

  9. Hi Pam, I find your work very inspiring and would love to win a spot in your upcoming Portraits class. I am always practicing and open to learning new techniques with portraits. Love your work.

  10. Would love to win this class. I have taken your class at Art Is….You as well as online and DVDs. I have your work on my wall. Thank you for giving everyone a chance at such an awesome class.

  11. I have been working on trying to improve my portraits and this class would b of so much use. thanks for the opportunity.


  12. I have been working on drawing faces- out of my head at 5 o’clock in the morning for the last two years.( No, I am not out of my head.) I really would love to take this class….. Thanks.

  13. Would love to win a spot in your class. My birthday is Thursday , that would be a great gift. Thanks for the chance. Love your art & book.

  14. I would be honored to win this awesome gift. Love your art! Thanks for the opportunity. Peace Ronda

  15. I have taken so many portrait classes and this one looks unique. I enjoy portraits a lot and hope to win the giveaway, but I will try to save and possibly take it if I can’t win it. *Fixed income, disabled* has changed my financial situation since I took the others, but I’m intrigued.

  16. I would love to be able to attend your class to further refine my minimal skills. Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate in the drawing.

  17. I would love, love, love to participate in your workshop! I am just beginning my journey of being able to draw and paint faces and have a journal all ready to work in. Your class would greatly enhance my learning curve. Crossing my fingers! Email

  18. Pam, it’s so amazing to me that people use the same map, but come out with so many different faces! I think it’s all about how we use our mind and our resources. I would love to win a spot in your class! Thanks for the chance!


    Carmen L

  19. Oh my goodness…I just was introduced to your fabulous art…I would soooo love to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. It is amazing how many different styles your students have, It reminds me that there are as many differences as there are artists. Even all having the same instruction the are so beautifully unique.
    I would love love love to win your class and learn to draw faces….. I wonder how I could fit it into my busy life but, I am sure I would manage…
    You are an inspiration, Thank you

  21. awesomeness…..i am still working on a cut above….but will finish up some cleaning and start carving by week’s end. i guess i like ya cause i just keep coming back….=0)

  22. I would love to win this spot. I’m still developing my own style and have only been actively drawing for a little over 2 years. Portraits are my favorite though and I’ll take all the guidance I can to keep improving ;D Thanks for the chance to win the spot!

  23. What a fantastic opportunity–as attested to by your awesome students. Good luck to all of us and thank you.

  24. You are an Angel… My friend’s have raved about you, your teaching style and generosity , taking your workshop would be a blessing <3 <3 <3

  25. Love your work Pam. Would really like to improve my skills, but more than that, would be thrilled to have a chance to do another class with you. Renu

  26. I will love to when a spot in still pursuing portraits… That will be so
    amazing …:~> thanks for the opportunity

  27. Pam, I took an on-line collage class from you a few years ago through Creative Workshops and learned SO much about doing backgrounds and completing a collage. The work of your former students is just incredible!! We were cleaning out my mom’s house last December where I came across an old sketch book of mine…attempting to draw portraits. If I could do half as well as your students, I would be over-the-moon happy! You are a great teacher, so willing to share your knowledge with others and your enthusiasm for your subject comes across loud-and-clear in your videos. I just love your videos!
    Well, I can’t even hold a pencil for more than a minute now but I am not giving up on my dream of being able to draw. I would love to win a place in your SPP class! If not this time, then one of these days, when my finances allow, I will take another of your classes.

  28. Hi Pam, Yet another thank you for including my post on your blog. Such fun memories to see these all together again. Your class looks good and although I’ve taken it I would dearly love another chance since you added the color components. It’s always good to see you at Artful Gathering. Thanks for the chance to win. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  29. Hi Pam,
    I’ve been out of work for a while, so would love a chance to win one of your classes. You have been inspiring me for some time.
    Thanks Pam, Rochester, NH

  30. Hi Pam,
    This blog is so nice for everyone to read. The things written here are true about your teaching skills. I really enjoyed taking your class and would again in a heartbeat!

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  32. Pam – would love to take this class! I enjoyed my class at CREATE Orange County and am looking forward to another class with you at AU!

  33. Looking at your art always inspires me to try new things. I am new to drawing faces and love the opportunity to win your class. Thanks for all you do to encourage our inner artist to get out and play. Love your blog!!!

  34. LOVE seeing the works and comments from your portrait class. it is a relief to hear how so many were nervous about doing faces at first….because I am definitely in the nervous zone waiting until the class starts. but there is a lot of hope waiting behind it! am SO looking forward to this.

  35. What a fabulous opportunity this would be! I have loved taking your workshops in the past. Thanks Pam.

  36. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a place in your class. I would love to be able to do it, but budget does not allow that at this stage. Looking at the class work I know I would learn a lot from you. 🙂

  37. i am a beginning wannabe artist….hee heeee….more of a craftser here. i have always wanted to learn how to draw faces. it looks like a great class.

  38. Hi Pam!! What a wonderfully generous offer. The classes I’ve taken with you, pursuing (online) and busting (AIU) have been so chockful of info and inspiration , more than worth their fees. Getting one free is like winning a lottery!! 😉 I’ll be spreading the word ❤❤❤

  39. Oh my gosh! I want to win this so badly!! I always learn so much from you and my budget is not good right now so I will keep my fingers crossed!! I shared your giveaway on Facebook. Thank you so much for this incredible chance to take your workshop!! xoxo

  40. This is fantastic here’s hoping I win the “Lucky” spot in still pursuing portraits. Good luck to all.

  41. I would Love Love Love to win this! Would be so incredible to learn from you. I admire your work so much!!

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