Chris Cozen Stencil Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Congratulations to the winners of this drawing!!! Jackie36 you have won Chris’s new book and Hope Amen you have won her new line of stencils!! Please email me at to claim your prizes!!!


My friend Chris Cozen has just released a new line of cool stencils! I had a ton of fun playing with them and I know you will too. Just by leaving a comment on this post you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free set from Artist Cellar!

And Chris is giving away a copy of her new book and DVD too!!!

Chris Cozen Julie Prichard

I first used the stencils on my Gelli Print Plate to make some cool papers.

DSC01649 DSC01650 DSC01651 DSC01652 DSC01653 DSC01654

Then I used them in a painting to add some organic shapes. I love how versatile these stencils are.



Leave your comments below and on Monday, May 20th I’ll draw the name of a lucky winner! Please be sure to leave a contact email so I can notify you!

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway Pam – and thanks also to Chris Cozen for her generosity!! Oh, I just love the painting with the girl and the leaves on hair!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

  2. Thanks, Pam, for the opportunity to win a set of Chris Cozen’s stencils. I am in awe of your talent and how beautifully you incorporate items like these stencils into your creations.

  3. Love what you have been up to Pam. Your on fire! Lots of creating and so lovely to see. It is really cool how you used the pod stencil on your painting.

    • Hi Sandy!
      I just wanted to let you know that you have won Chris Cozens new book! I had to draw a new name when the first person didn’t respond and you are the lucky one:-) Please email me at with your mailing address and I’ll give the information to the publisher to mail your book to you!

  4. every blog I visit I see more possibillities for these stencils. Wow, your take on them is so gorgeous Pam ! I am happy to be able to leave a comment and be in to win 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx

  5. every blog I visit I see more possibillities for these stencils, your take on them is so gorgeous Pam ! I am happy I am able to leave a comment to be in to win…… thanks for sharing xx

  6. So many comments already. Thank you for this chance to win the generous gifts. The stencils are wonderful and I love how you have used them.
    jan2bratt at yahoo dot com

  7. Pam, your painting is gorgeous. I especially love how you incorporated the stencils into the dress, lovely.

  8. This blog is great! I love the look of the stencils and the book. They look like they would be very useful!

  9. Pam, very nice stencils and thanks for the chance to win them and thanks for the ideas. Also, congrats on the new book, can’t wait to see it!
    Pamela B.

  10. These are just the kind of stencils I’ve been looking for! I’d sure love to be a winner for this giveaway, fingers crossed!

  11. I love the subtle effect you achieved in the girl’s garment in your painting; it’s just lovely. The stencils are so funky and I’d love a set. Thx for a chance.

  12. I think these pods are so versatile. They look so awesome on your gelli prints. I would love to add them to my stencil collection. And Chris Cozen’s book looks amazing. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. My email is

  13. Pam I LOVE the way you used the stencils in so many different ways. I’ve been wanting to incorporate stencils into my canvas art. Thank you for a chance to win! How exciting!

  14. Pam, I just never cease to be amazed at the many ways you guys find to use these stencils. Keep inspiring us! Thanks for including me in the drawing.

  15. hi there, I would dearly love to win and to try and use these stencils to achieve the wonderful results that you have shown and inspired us with

  16. I love your use of warm colors and with Chris’ stencils and the gelli plate it really a nice visual

  17. Yay for Chris for spreading her Pod Love around and Yay for Artful Gathering which I’m looking forward to and Yay for drawings!!!! 🙂

    And you did some great things with Chris’s stencils and I LOVE my gelli plate!!

    Rebecca Cook

  18. such pretty shapes without giving so much detail that it discourages playing around and over them with your own doodles! these are really lovely.

  19. Hi,

    I love the stencils and I love the way you painted over them so the stencil images became the background for your figure.

  20. Chris’ new stencils look wonderful, and I love the art you created with them! I would love to win–thanks for the chance!
    PS. I’m signed up for your Pursuing Portraits class and can’t wait 🙂

  21. I just do a workshop from you by interwaeve, I love it and learn so much new things. Greetings from the Netherlands

  22. Wow….love these and loved how you integrated them. Thank you for offering the possibility to own these stencils. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I love your painting! Gorgeous!! I’m a big fan of Chris’ art so I’d love to win ANY of this stash, but especially the book AND DVD!! Wow!!!

  24. I can think of a lot of ways to use these stencils; they are just my style! I’d love to get a look inside that book too! Thanks for the Gelli plate idea as well!

  25. I would love to try these, your samples are great, thanks for the try at winning. Happy Creating everyone.

  26. The greens and blues look so nice together. I like your use of white space, too. What a unique piece. natasha dot poteraj at gmail dot com

  27. Amazing effects with the Gelli plate! Wow! Thank you for the giveaway – Chris Cozen is one of my favorite artists.

  28. That painting is awesome, Pam. I love the way you painted this “mystic woman”, who seems to float through the room. Many thanks for this impressive and inspiring painting. C~

  29. I have Chris’ book, it’s awesome! Would definitely love to add these stencils — thank you for the chance!

  30. I just love these stencils—they are the most unique, cool, amazing stencils I have ever seen. I really need them because I need to experiment with stencils that are open ended (these can be used in SO many ways–they aren’t just stencils that are shaped like birds, or flowers, or stars—they can be made to look like ALL KINDS of things, or nothing at all that we are used to). Your work, as well as all of the other people’s work I’ve seen so far—WOW!!!!!
    sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

  31. I really love the designs Chris came up with, these stencils are unique. I’ve never tried the ones Artist Cellar makes, so I would love to win to try (I’m kinda stencil obsessed…).
    Thanks for the opportunity !

  32. Love the pods ! And love how they peek out from behind the figure in your pieces.
    Thanks for the chance to win some more fun tools, Pam !
    Have a great weekend !

  33. I’D LOVE TO WIN ! it’s a great way to enhance pieces and grow artistically . i have never won one of these give aways, so here’s hoping my luck has changed!

  34. yes I love how versatile these stencils are and all the artists in this blog hop are doing such fabulous things with them!! Looks like another book I need to have too 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. I am taking one of Chris workshops at Create in Irvine this year and I would love to win her stencils!

  36. I think out of all the hops I loved what you did with the stencils. It just flows through the piece without overwhelming them.

  37. I absolutely love the stencils. I am totally addicted to using stencils in my art and art journaling and would love to win these lovely ones. I just taught a class near where I live on using the Gelli plate and stencils, such fun!

  38. The Gelli prints are cool, but I love love your painting and the subtle way used the stencil. Thank you so much for a chance to win, but if I don’t, I’ll buy them for sure ;-))

  39. I looked at the picture of these stencils and thought *meh* but then I kept reading…and I think I “get it” now. I know you have inspired me to try something new, so thanks! And thanks for a chance to win a set…

  40. Love all of them especially the one shaped like a coffee bean! Thank you for you the chance to win them!

  41. I know Chris and am a big fan of her new co-authored book. AND I am taking some workshops in the Artful Gathering this year!! Yay! I love her pod, nice to see she has made some stencils!

    Rebecca Cook

  42. These stencils are awesome!!! I have a million idea’s already going through my mind…I can’t wait to try them out. Congrats to Chris on a stellar design. And thank you for this opportunity. Geri Lynn

  43. The stencils are so unique and add just enough texture and embellishment to your beautiful work! I love doing Gelli prints and my mind is just spinning thinking about what I could do with those stencils!!!

  44. Love the idea of making cool papers. Looking forward to checking out your artwork, this blog hop has really been inspiring.

  45. Love the stencils, especially the one that looks like a coffee bean!
    Thank you for sharing them!

  46. Everyone could use these! They are so organic. They have a whimsy about them and overall such an original print. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to play with them 🙂

  47. The Playful Pods are delightful! Fun to see so many ideas for using the stencils on the blog hop! Great projects!

  48. Wow – these are really cool! I totally am enjoying the book by Chris and Julie, too…..and am intrigued by all the new stencils out ther. These would be fun to use!!! Pick me, picke me!

  49. I have been drooling over all the stencils I have seen by Artist Cellar and these look awesome. I am having so much fun trying new products that you have mentioned…it’s addictive!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  50. I really like the way the stencils were incorporated two ways in the painting. They are so very versatile.

  51. Ohh now you did it. I have to go buy a gelli plate as if I don’t have enough supplies. Lol I like the organic look you got using the plate.

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. I’m have fun seeing everyone’s innovative methods of using the same stencils.

  52. Have taken several of Chris’s classes and what she creates is always fun…these stencils look like they have great possibilities.

  53. these look really is exactly right Pam! I’m working in ceramics right now and I can see some amazing stencil glazing happening with these. Are they available in Australia? thanks,

  54. Very simple stencils but at the same time very intersting and practical shapes for many many projects; and your example Pam is just one of those perfect projects to incorporate them.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this give away!

    Love and Light always.

  55. I had to have the bodacious pods stencil and went to the link and ordered it and several more. Thanks for the info and inspiration!

  56. these stencils are amazing, so many possibilities and I love the way you incorporated them into the lady, very organic.

  57. I just love stencils,and have been collecting them for years. I love the way that you have used these new stencils, and would love to win some to use too!

  58. Love how you used the stencils, your work is so inviting and soft. Would love to win these, peggy

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