Online Workshop Giveaway(s)!!!

I’m really excited about my two upcoming online workshops and the main reason is because it’s the only time I’m teaching online this year! I’d so hate for you to miss the fun. I love doing online classes buy my schedule is just too full right now to more than this. Now, I know it’s durning the summer (all summer long if you take both sessions) but the awesome thing about these classes is that you have the option to purchase a DVD of all of the video lessons from inside the workshop! So if you don’t have time to do all of the workshop this summer you can pop in, say hi and download the written materials, purchase a DVD and do the class later at your own pace, no worries! Almost every person opted for the DVD last year, most just to have on hand to revisit the material later. And seriously, I guarantee you that as soon as registration closes there will be people wanting in-it happens every year! So don’t get busy and forget to sign up today!


Artful Gathering strives very hard to bring an Art Retreat atmosphere to the whole event. There will be book signings, giveaways, raffles, door prizes and more!


1st Session Workhsop


2nd Session Workshop

A Cut Above DVD Jacket 1.31.06 PM

Still Pursuing Portraits DVD Jacket

Optional DVD that can only be purchased in the class!


Workshop Handouts that you can download and print out!

Sponsor Prize

My Sponsor Giveaway (includes a signed copy of my new book hot off the press in September!

So what am I giving away? TWO OF MY WORKSHOPS!!! Your choice of either A Cut Above or Still Pursuing Portraits!!! And if you’ve already paid for the workshop, you will get a refund! Oh, and that’s not all…

I will also draw two names to each receive a FREE DVD if they purchase one of my classes.

So what do you have to do to enter? Leave a comment including your FIRST and LAST NAME and or contact info ( so I can tell you that you’ve won!) and I’m going to ask that you tweet, facebook or blog about this giveaway. Now I’m not going to be checking to see that you did, I’m just asking that you help me share the news about Artful Gathering and my workshop giveaway. Just a quick link share would be awesome!


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  1. Wow! I’d love to win a “ticket” to the summer workshop, DVD or whatever. No false flattery, but every class/book from you means artistic growth for me. Hopin’ I win the prize!

  2. How generous! I would love to win this. I watched your paper clothe scissors video and thoroughly enjoyed it. You have a great teaching style. Thanks.

  3. I was so excited to find out about giveaway!!! Have been dying to take your class and waited patiently for nearly a year!!

  4. Art Class + Pam Carriker = A very happy, eager and inspired Maggie. I gotta win it’s my destiny!

    • Congratulations Sarah!!! You have won a free DVD with the purchase of one of my workshops! The DVD’s are available only through the workshops so let me know if you end up taking one and I will send you the DVD of that class for free!

  5. hello,
    your classes both look wonderful and so generous of you to give these things away! Please include me in the draw…. i will share this with others!

  6. Hi Pam, I’d love a chance to win a spot in your A Cut Above class. I took your Still Pursuing Portraits last summer at AG and loved every minute of it.

  7. Love your teaching style. Looking forward to maybe being able to take one of your classes. Book 2 is on my purchase list. Off to draw traffic. Creative Blessings! Kelly Henkins aka KellyH(at)artlover(dot)com

  8. Marjorie Grace-Sayers (
    I enjoy your work and would like to win!
    Thank you!

  9. Hi Pam,
    I really love your work and I think that the new 4 x 4 stencils are a great idea. I would love to have the opportunity to win a place in you online class! Thanks so much.

    • Congratulations Debbie!!! You have won a free DVD with the purchase of one of my workshops! The DVD’s are available only through the workshops so let me know if you end up taking one and I will send you the DVD of that class for free!

  10. Hi Pam, Would love to win one of your classes. You tutorials, book and blogs are great.

  11. Pam, I took an on-line class from you a few years ago at Creative Workshops. You are an awesome teacher! I would love to win a spot in a class as finances are really tight right now.

  12. Pam-I am thrilled to see so many of your stencils at Stencil Gir and your new workshop sounds like a must do this summer. 😀 Cindy

  13. Pam…will they be selling your products online only?..or in their stores as well? I have a store near me so I am very excited!

  14. Thank you so much for all of the inspiration. You are a truly talented lady. I would love to win a chance to take one of your online classes! I can’t wait to see your new stamps..your stencils are fantastic!

  15. I’m planning to sign up for both classes. I’ve been wanting to start making my own linoleum blocks for some time and I never thought to even try drawing any kind of face before I read your class description. You make drawing portraits sound doable and exciting for everyone, even people like me who don’t draw well and have no training. Congrats on having your products sold by Jerry’s. I’ve tried to buy them and couldn’t. It’s an exciting development. I’m looking forward to taking class with you all summer. Thanks for being there!

  16. I’d love to win a spot in one of your workshops. I took your Strathmore class and it changed my art journaling significantly (and for the better : ). I will repost about your give-away. God bless.

  17. I’m so excited you are doing an online class – I’ve got your DVD’s, book and pre-ordered your new book – love your work!

  18. Hi Pam. This is so generous of you to offer. I would love the opportunity to enjoy one of these classes. Learning from someone with your talent is awesome. Thank you.

  19. Would love to take one of your workshops, to win one would really be great!!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  20. Enjoyed your latest in Somerset – would love to participate in one of your classes. Sharing on FB.

  21. Hi Pam I would love an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and try something new so this is a great chance. Thankyou for offering it I will share this opportunity with others on fb to show the many different things that can be learned through artful gathering.

  22. Hi Pam, I too would love to win one of your classes. I’d love to purchase your DVD as well! I’m crossing my fingers 😉

  23. Thank you for the awesome opportunity! I just shared it on facebook, but I hope I’m the one who wins!

  24. I have your first book and anxiously awaiting your second. Your teaching style just connects with me and I’m learning a different dimension to my art because if you. I have purchased your products and stencils and love them! The liquid lead is over the moon!!!

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  26. Thanks so much for the chance to win one of these great classes! They both look fantastic! I just got Somerset Studio and saw a big article on you there as well as Art Journaling! Congratulations!

  27. Hello Pam,
    I am the winner in the blog hop, also I do not participate to win a workshop, especially that I joined for “Still pursuing portaits”. I’m so happy, and I can’t wait!
    I share this on FB and my blog.

  28. Hi well sure I want to win, but first I must say that the stencils I have of yours so far, have been great to work with. The quality is excellent and because I am a stencil fan (big,big fan) there is always room for more. Stencils are great because it is a base or a layer somewhere that frees you from too much thinking, plus you get the feeling of another artist. The fun is like a new adventure …try this or that with the stencil. All of a sudden you are composing differently, or using supplies in a new way and there you go a new adventure. Thanks for great books,classes and supplies. Have fun creating ! 🙂 Jackie

  29. This is a fantastic giveaway! Would love to take this course from you. Thanks for this opportunity.

  30. I have SOOO wanted to take one of your classes, have been looking at the portrait one on dvd may be I will be the lucky one!!

  31. I have already taken a class with you and I’d love to win of course. I am also waiting for your second book (reserved via Amazon). Thanks !

  32. Hi Pam, what a great giveaway, i would be ecstatic to win any one of your classes.I watch you on YouTube all the time and have added you to my favorite channel, and i have also put a link to your site on my Blog, thanks Gail .

  33. I took your portrait class and it was fabulous. I would so love to do another, as I still have work to do on my skills. I also have a few of your DVD’s and they are really great. Can’t wait for the ne book too!

  34. Hi Pam, thanks for such a great opportunity. Love your art and you inspire me! My name is Ronda Conley. Peace & love!

  35. What a great giveaway! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your classes and would love to participate in another!

  36. An Artful desperate, I will happily and speedily spread the word on all my social media. Who would have thought even 30 years ago that we would have such opportunities to learn and grow. Thankyou internet and thankyou Pam….

  37. Woo Hoo Pam! What an awesome giveaway! I love your classes, and your work! I so want to win! I’m sharing! <3

  38. oh how exciting! I just love your website. with little bits here and there I have learnt how to do “faces” but I still way from knowing what am doing. thanks for the opportunity. susy

  39. Pam, I was one of the ones who did not take your class because I forgot! Thanks for the second chance at these great classes!


    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

    I, twitted and shared on FB!

  40. How generous! I would love to win a workshop or DVD – A Cut Above would be my first choice. I really enjoy following your blog and learning new techniques. Love your liquid pencil. Sue M

  41. Pam, I would love to have a little extra motivation like an online class.
    I’ve been following your work for a while now and like your style.
    Continued success! Linda

  42. Oh I hope I win the Cut Above class! I so love your method of teaching online and by CD. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Judy in Northern Alberta Canada!

  43. Took your Strathmore workshop and have your book Art of the Speed of Life, and have your CPS cd. Would love to win your workshop!

  44. I have your DVD and would love to expand my knowledge of your techniques!
    Ruth Brightman

  45. I love your work, Pam, have Art at the Speed of Life, so helpful… as I’m sure your portrait classes/books are/will be, too! 😀 fingers crossing

  46. thank you for the giveaway Pam – it is very generous of you! I would love to win anyone of your classes!

  47. Hello Pam, I discovered your work while on Youtube last week, then happened to be in my favorite book store that same day and there your name was on the cover of a Somerset Studio magazine…fate! Of course I bought it and I just received your first book, which I love! Thank you for the chance to win a class!

  48. What a great opportunity to win one of your classes – I did two last year, they are very inspiring – thanks very much!

  49. wow – what a nice option, Pam – thanks so much! I really want to win the give away!!! I’m starting to use stencils more – so more is always better! look forward to your “A Cut Above” class as I’ve been dabbling a bit in cutting stamps, but need some focus and direction – and some tips!!!

  50. Oh, Pam, what a great giveaway! I took your online class two years ago at Artful Gathering (bought the DVD too, LOL) and LOVED it. I’m Andrea E. and you can contact anytime at the e-mail on this comment.

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