PanPastel and Stencils

I was playing with my PanPastels the other day when someone commented that they were glad to see ‘PamPastels’ again lol. So I decided to give them a go with one of my Face Map stencils from Stencil Girl Products and get  a little more video editing practice on my iMac. I shot this video at my worktable using the camera on the mac. This is not the way I shoot video for classes, I have a whole other set up for that, but it does make it easy to shoot a short video for youtube!


This is the finished piece of art, done on 9 x 12 watercolor paper that was prepped with a coat of gesso. It took less than 30 minutes total to create and with no dry time, save the two coats of pastel fixative at the end, it was easy to make with very few tools and no mess.


Here is the little video of the whole process

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  1. Thats fantastic art. I work with pastels completely differently, My hands get absolutely covered in pastels, I usually “finger paint” a lot 🙂 Wonderful video.

  2. This was a wonderful demo to watch! Thank you! I am just discovering your YouTube channel and find your instructional videos to be so helpful and inspiring. I hope you will be able to make more! I am brand new to art journaling and you have been a key factor in helping me discover my true colors through this art.

    Random question… Can you tell me where your paintbrush water bucket is from? I think that’s a wonderful design and would love to try it out for myself.

  3. Dear Pam…I love your work. I am watching your portraits video and you have this wonderful bucket to keep your paintbrushes in while working. I looked all over the internet for it but didn’t find anything like it. Where did you get it?

  4. I can see now that I need to purchase the larger size portrait stencils! I have your smaller size portrait stencils-they’re awesome! Thanks for the video 🙂 Hugs, Maggie

  5. Hi Pam! I am really enjoying seeing you on video more frequently! I love my pan pastels, but like someone else said, I never thought of using them for this purpose. I was curious as to why you gesso’d the watercolor paper before you worked. I know the pastels really like watercolor paper, I would have thought the gesso would have taken the surface in the wrong direction — less porous so less adhesion. That’s what I thought, but obviously it worked. I was just curious as to the thought behind it. Thanks. Also to echo someone above, your AG portrait class (and DVD) was the best. I learned so much!

    • What the gesso does is provide a smooth surface with just a little tooth to it and the pastels blend really easily on it. When you spray it with a fixative at the end they look painted rather than pastel like. You can add some texture depending on how you apply the gesso to get some really cool effects.

  6. Pam, I gave the gals over at Roses on My Table (the Journal Journey group with Zinnia)this link because so many of them are into portraits and a few had asked about PanPastels. I reminded them your Portrait workshop is scheduled in AG. It was one of the best workshops I’ve taken and I’m happy to see the face maps in a stencil….still need to order these for myself. ha ha

  7. LOVE watching you work – you make it seem effortless. I’ve held back from PanPastels because I thought I’d need so many of them but you do so much with a limited palette. Is that a set that you put together or one that I could purchase?

    • That’s just a small palette of some of my favorite colors that I put together. All of the colors I used are listed in the video and it really doesn’t take that many to make a nice little palette:-)

  8. she is interesting. i like the colors and the extra details in this piece. i have not used my pan pastels for something like this….may have to give it a try.

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